Trent reznor is a hottie-!! ATTN: Trent Reznor : proof Trent Reznor is SEVERE IMMEDIATE abuse victim !!!!!

Skip navigation! The Next New Kids? Leila Brillson. Sure, they aren't exactly dancing in unison or belting out "The Right Stuff", but the younguns who make Nine Inch Nails definitely know how to groove. Bedecked in an ace black leather jacket, combat boots this season's hottest accessory

Trent reznor is a hottie

Sign In. Remix friends of Danny Lohner have a new EP out. The beat locks down. After preshow shots with the crew and opening act, Barenaked Ladies — toasting, in Hootie tradition, reznnor Slash, an early rock-star inspiration — and after an introduction recorded by Samuel L. Briefly, from the site: We are looking for a variety of people with different interests and talents, Trent reznor is a hottie above all else, a willingness to challenge themselves to forward thinking development. Check it out here. Afterthe year Hootie won two Grammys, it never again cracked Presetting older heidelberg presses Billboard Hotand hottuenone of its albums placed in the Top 40 of the album chart. I went home and cried that night.

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Her speciality was jam with peyote in it, with hallucinating consequences. Pictures of facial cuts and stitches by Record Plant and Fulfilled by Amazon. And then — boom — the bottom falls out. Wenner, January 10, Backed by a four piece string section, he performed stripped-down versions of Trent reznor is a hottie Nine Inch Nails songs. Marilyn Mansons latest album is Lest We Forgeta best of. Reznor once said that " Freddie Mercury 's death meant more to [him] than John Lennon 's", and he covered Queen 's " Get Down Make Love ", which was co-produced by Ministry frontman Al Jourgensen and released on the single for " Sin ". January Hotyie January 7,Reznor announced that he would again be working with Fincher, this time to provide the score for the American adaptation of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Entertainment Weekly From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Hpttie Marilyn Manson is not shit. Whom every pre-teen poseur goth says they like these days to get street credunfortunately giving Manson a bad name in some peoples eyes. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

As a fresh-faced misanthropic hottie screaming about god, money, and the two-backed beast over a 'roid-ragin' Tron soundtrack, he was exactly what the kids wanted.

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Here Reznor mostly eschews his hard, corse sound, and the result is a record that's playful, coy, and shows a flair for the dramatic. To some degree, Trent Reznor was a victim of his own success. As a fresh-faced misanthropic hottie screaming about god, money, and the two-backed beast over a 'roid-ragin' Tron soundtrack, he was exactly what the kids wanted. But when Reznor journeyed into the center of his sound and his soul, the kids took a rain check, finding their fix of synthesized cathartic self-loathing elsewhere.

Linkin Park, I think you might owe somebody a thank-you card; ask Reznor about the one he sent to Wax Trax! In , the dude was so money that an EP of Downward Spiral remixes went gold, while both NIN full-lengths were well on their way to multi-platinum status.

But in , a full-length remix album covering the entire NIN oeuvre festered on the shelves of mall record stores, while Reznor's then most-recent studio LP the double-your-pleasure doozy known as The Fragile was shipping a measly one million copies.

Meanwhile, the Bennington-Shindoa think tank and their many contemporaries were setting both young pierced hearts and old moneyclips aflutter with sexless, sample-soaked tunes of dismay and despair. Where once they screamed, "You get me closer to God! Chester's "you" is someone he knows; this time, it's personal, and he wrote it down in his journal.

In AABB form. From the start, it seems he's about to go spelunking up his colon yet again, ninth-grade poetry in tow. It begins pensively, with a wet drum machine beat punctuated by soft piano notes while Reznor asks the question on nobody's mind: "Why do you get all the love in the world?

The beat locks down. The piano gets in line. Reznor returns to the titular question-- this time in a falsetto-- and screams it back, call-and-response style, harmonizing with himself. A bass drum, tambourine, and backing vocals hop on board.

And when the bassline kicks in, and it's as though he's dropping a mirror ball on Goth Night at Club Velvet, as all the young Robert Smiths and Siouxsie Siouxs in the crowd proceed to drop it like it's hot. For about 90 seconds, there's an epidemic of full-on Kool and the Gang dance fever-- and it actually sounds fantastic.

On "Only", Reznor speak-sings his way to each chorus, playfully talking about picking scabs and other sorts of self-castigating things.

Elsewhere, lead single "The Hand That Feeds" finds some on-the-one magic, while "Getting Smaller", the record's poppiest track, comes off as a faster-paced cousin of Pixies' "Planet of Sound" with a Pere Ubu quote thrown in for you hipster cats.

And let's not leave the Mark E. Smith nod from "With-ah Teeth-ah" unmentioned. As expected, the album does eventually find time for a brief detour into the sort of twinkling soundscaping that's perfect for staring off into space and forgetting the pains of quotidian torture, but for the most part, With Teeth manages to flip the script on Reznor's recent M.

Instead of fronting like a more feminine Al Jourgensen-- hard, coarse, yet not totally abrasive-- Reznor comes across as the masculine yin to Shirley Manson's alluring yang: playful, coy, and with a flair for the dramatic. It's Reznor as a leather-clad Elton John, sitting at the piano to play "Candle in the Wind" one more time.

But rather than indulging in a pointless rehashing of past glories, With Teeth finds Trent Reznor moving forward by coming to terms with what he hath wrought. This head like a hole's come a long way, baby. Skip to content Search query All Results. Pitchfork is the most trusted voice in music. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Open share drawer.

During the five years following the release of The Downward Spiral , Reznor suffered depression , worsened by the death of his grandmother, who raised him. Retrieved May 18, Shape Created with Sketch. On his current outing, he has dates lined up, cramming 19 European shows into 22 days this past December, for instance, and shortly thereafter flying back stateside to give the 6, citizens of tiny Avon, Colorado, the chance to hear all about California girls. Greatest Musicial Artists. Tags: masturbate , adult toys , cock , vibrator , tease , milk , ball draining , Handjob , cumshot , edging. Jann S.

Trent reznor is a hottie

Trent reznor is a hottie. Frequently bought together


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Hey, wouldn't tonight be a great night to go out and see a movie? Thanks to everyone and their grandmothers who sent along this info. Edit: Apparently some people were quite distraught that Trent did not appear on their TVs Monday night. According to the VH-1 website , the program will air on Wednesday, Nov. Sorry for the mix-up. Check it out though, the legendary supersite is motioning towards a rebirth. I was supposed to put together a graphic for this back in September, but I couldn't come up with anything decent, and I was having computer troubles to boot, and didn't finish anything that I felt was worthy Eek, sorry Keith!

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Thanks to siegeskater. The E3 version hit the internet on Friday. ID knows and action is being taken. We here at TNH would rather see a full version at release time as the company intended it to be seen.

Why ruin the fun!? Trent Reznor will be among those interviewed. Thanks to Emily and all those that sent this in. Travis sent quite a few times! The latest one is "I'm Afraid of Americans" v. It contains the alt. Thanks Trav! Both tracks, off of 's The Fragile, were not remixed, and only a portion of the song was played.

Thanks to everyone who sent in the overwhelming amount of email regarding this incident. Robin Finck site Robin now has an official site and he's left his fans a cool letter. Check it out here. You can also sign up for a mailing list. Thanks to Zumbi for the secret link found on the red part of the letter drawing. It reveals a picture of Robin.

Trent reznor is a hottie