Tatoo designs for wifes name-Want a Name Tattoo? 80 of the Best Designs for Men and Women

If you desire a tattoo that contains names or letters, each detail can easily make or even destroy the ink work. Perhaps, name tattoos are among the designs that are highly sought out by both men and women. In addition, a person takes lots of time before figuring out the name to ink. This is because the form of letters to use can make the name more or less legible to read. Some font types are suitable for some names, but when used on other names they may look quite different and hard to understand.

Tatoo designs for wifes name

Batman and Batgirl fans will rejoice over this Bat-signal-inspired couples tattoo. Name tattoos continue to grow in popularity with many tattoo lovers opting to ink names of their loved ones as a way of paying tribute or identifying with those dear to them. The wrist is a better location for your name tattoo. In any case, these tattoos sure are romantic, even if the relationship doesn't exactly last. It is therefore ideal that ultimate precaution desigms taken before deciding on the name to ink especially if you are opting on inking the name of a romantic lover as any change in the relationship may leave you more devastated with the name tattoo stuck with you. The name too fonts used in the design below looks cool with each having a unique font. The fonts of fof names fits perfectly well too! I think this a tattoo or Kaitlyn, the date and time of her birth. This couple calls it their "holding hands" tattoo and that's when the word is perfectly aligned and spelled out. Cookies We use cookies Tatoo designs for wifes name ensure you get the best experience.

His old limp cock. History of name tattoos

However, memorial tattoos are usually accompanied by other design elements and created with various elegant lettering to symbolize the softness of the situation behind the name. However, Tatoo designs for wifes name the case of girlfriends, wives and lovers — name tattoo designs are one of the most popular tattoos that request cover-ups at some point. Here, we can see a girl sporting an attractive name tattoo on the Ying yang twins say ay yiyi. Chest area is the common area to place the tattoos for men and mostly when looking for smaller name designs or when they want to display several names. However, depending on the name you are representing or the additional design elements that you choose to incorporate into your tattoo, you may also want to consider areas such as the back, thighs or chest as well. Of course, the font is Tatoo designs for wifes name integral element of any name tattoo, so the typeface should be carefully deliberated. In the current times the tattoo industry is dominated with elaborate and intricate designs, name tattoos have never lost their significance. A Cool Name Tattoo. A Hindi Name Tattoo. The same thing goes for the size of the tattoo. For a truly classic approach to ink, nothing can compare with the streamlined symbolism of name tattoos. Here, the name looks extremely vibrant along with the application of a beautiful color. Anyone can be easily impressed by effectively flaunting tattoos on forearms and it seems that this guy will get the job done. The name may be that of a lover, spouse, parent, friend or even pet.

For a truly classic approach to ink, nothing can compare with the streamlined symbolism of name tattoos.

  • People often like to ink their bodies with the name of their loved ones like spouses, siblings, children etc.
  • Name tattoos are becoming more popular as a way to pay tribute to loved ones.
  • Name tattooing is a great way of honoring and showing respect to those close to you as an individual or those dearly loved.
  • The name of a person is the first representative of his identity, by which he is known to others.
  • For a truly classic approach to ink, nothing can compare with the streamlined symbolism of name tattoos.

Relationship tattoos are either romantic or cringeworthy. As in: Should you keep that tattoo of your ex? Should you still break up with that guy, right after he tattooed your name on his abs? We spotlight our favorites below. Yes, feel free to weep over this video. Woven arrows. In honor of the late Finn Hudson. Sun and moon. This analogy is a little overdone, but the tattoos are sweet. Downward-pointing arrows. A unique alternative to wedding bands. The ribcage is a sexy location.

Wedding bands. These look like actual rings. An upside-down heart. King and queen of hearts. These two somehow pull these off without looking like casino regulars. X and O wrist tats. Simple and nice. Contrasting triangles. Lightning bolts. Calvin Harris would appreciate this one. Lifeline with a heart at the end. I wonder if these are their actual heartbeats? Abstract symbol. Not really romantic, but still looks cool. Coffee molecules. These two must bond over their shared love of coffee.

Bears walking towards each other. Another one that would still work even if you break up. Simultaneously show off your grammar skills and your love. Arrows pointing towards each other. Very clean and nice to look at. A cute way to celebrate an anniversary. The equal sign. Why not get political with it? Small airplanes. Already a subscriber? Log in or link your magazine subscription. Account Profile. Sign Out. Tags: inked self relationships tattoos searching More. Most Viewed Stories.

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When choosing on the right design for the name tattoo, it seems that names that are shorter tend to look more appealing when designed in an appealing way unlike the longer ones. This is how Tattoo Journal appeared. Most Recent. This dad is a proud father of the adorable baby Phillip Jason. But if you select a memorial design you will have to incorporate other elements. Name With Lotus Flower.

Tatoo designs for wifes name

Tatoo designs for wifes name

Tatoo designs for wifes name

Tatoo designs for wifes name

Tatoo designs for wifes name

Tatoo designs for wifes name. 25 Exclusive Rangoli Designs For Diwali 2019

A tattoo that contains the name of your lover with a beautiful rose right behind it is guaranteed to evoke romantic feelings. It is one of the popular love name tattoo designs. People really love their families and give them great importance in their lives. Getting a tattoo which shows your entire family tree is a way of showing your unconditional love towards them. It stands as a great example of unity, strength and unfailing courage during adversities. The best relationship in any family is the relationship shared between siblings.

Despite all the quarrels and arguments, you still love them and will do anything to get them out of trouble. A sibling name tattoo has been made essentially for those who love their brothers and sisters and would like to express their feelings in the form of tattoos.

This star tattoo with name of siblings is excellent on wrist to show unity. People are always confused about the kind of patterns they should use for their name tattoos. A great idea would be a flower name tattoo. Getting the names of some of your favorite people in the world along with some gorgeous looking flowers surrounding it will give you a stunning and classy appearance. A crown name tattoo looks very kingly and extravagant in appearance.

It really looks as if the person whose name has been inked holds a very special place in your heart. The crown is a symbol of royalty, which when combined with a name tattoo shows their importance to the person. A name tattoo which has the picture of colorful fluttering butterflies rejoicing in glee is really a beauteous sight. It looks pretty and pleasant in appearance on once neck and by default, is quite a feminine tattoo design.

It also indicates a better future for the relationship with the person. A great location for your name tattoo is your wrist. It looks great on you as well as the name of the person whom you have inscribed. This is one the popular name tattoo ideas seen up till now. Lettering name tattoos are also very beautiful on wrists for both men and women. A bow ribbon is delicate and pretty in appearance. A tattoo that show the picture of a nice folded bow ribbon along with the name of your loved one will look amazing on your skin.

The bow ribbon will really compliment your tattoo. Adding diamonds shows how valuable and priceless they are to the person. This is one of the cutest girl name tattoos. This is a beautiful name tattoo done on the wrists. Here, we can see that the man displays the names of his two children.

This is a great tattoo design for men names since, one day Benjamin will grow up to be a man. The arrows can be done facing opposite directions as well. It is totally depends upon your personal preference. This is the work of a true tattoo artist which is evident from the beauty of this design. The names are tattooed in Italic format which makes this design, even more, alluring.

This one is a beautiful name tattoo design done in the remembrance of someone. One can easily do this design on their body and this tattoo will remind of their loving late friend. This is probably one of the most beautiful and at the same time of the saddest tattoo designs ever. It is one of the best name tattoos with cross which express the blessing of god towards the names of persons.

This particular name tattoo design is intended for the feet of girls. One can easily rock this beautiful tattoo after being done by a pro tattoo artist. Here, we can see that the application of the concept of infinity has also been used. A daughter can express the love she has for her father by doing this tattoo on her feet. The meaning of this tattoo is pretty simple. One can easily do it and flaunt the concept that the love for our fathers never runs out.

Daughters especially love their fathers a little more and through this tattoo the love can be expressed. The tattoo also flaunts a small heart at the bottom of the design which makes this simple tattoo look very alluring.

This is a beautiful name tattoo which sports an attractive calligraphy. Here, the name looks extremely vibrant along with the application of a beautiful color. This is probably one of the best name tattoo designs that a guy can sport on his forearms. Anyone can be easily impressed by effectively flaunting tattoos on forearms and it seems that this guy will get the job done.

This is one of the pretty looking name tattoos on side of the hand. Here we can see that an alluring name tattoo has been done on the shoulders of the women in the picture. The tattoo has been done beautifully and anyone can be impressed by the beauty of this particular name tattoo.

It indicates the intense love for the person, which they wish to express to the whole wide world. Here, we can see a girl sporting a name tattoo on her chest. The tattoo is not exactly a traditional name tattoo. It is a bit different. This tattoo has a wonderful meaning as it represents all artists with the help of a simple word. This picture shows the arms of a couple who have tattooed their lower arms with the name of their daughter.

One can simply show their love for their little girl in this artistic way. This is yet another extremely beautiful name tattoo design for men names where the name of a late friend has been inked on the arms.

Our parents must have spent hours or days deciding what name to give us, and it was probably one of the most important decisions that they have made when you were born, speaking as a mother of 2 boys, it took me months to figure out the best name I would call my sons. Without our names, how would people call us then? Every name has its own character, that is why names are very special and must be well thought of. That which we call a rose By any other name would smell as sweet.

You can have the name of your children, your spouse and even your parents tattooed. People tend to change their preference a lot! You are welcome for the tip. If you love your whole family and want their names on your skin, a family tree of names is a good idea.

Nice placement for a name. This idea is from the movie Toy Story, except that the name Andy was on the sole. Name tattoos gone wrong! This is a family name.

This dad is a proud father of the adorable baby Phillip Jason. Had his name tattooed on his side with large fonts. This is also good idea for best friend or sister tattoos. Name tattoos can be versatile, depending on the person. What I know is that arrows should be pointing up.

60 Name Tattoos For Men - Lettering Design Ideas

I've also gotten breakup tattoos -- I guess I just like being tattooed for all my life's ups and downs. And so do other ladies. No regrets, right? If people feel that their love is permanent, then why not get some permanent ink to go along with it? Of course things happen and rose glasses soon fall off our faces, but getting an awesome cover-up tattoo is always an option as well. This kind of tattoo symbolizes the end of a relationship just as much as an "I Love U" tattoo symbolizes the peak of one.

It can be poetic. And so, in the name of love, here are 40 tattoos that serve as a heartfelt symbol of commitment to a husband or boyfriend or anyone in between. In any case, these tattoos sure are romantic, even if the relationship doesn't exactly last. James and Celeste have two awesome kids and are the kind of couple who know how to make it work even when times are tough.

Now that's love! They have a heart lock and key tattoo that looks so sweet when they hold hands. Christina got a music symbol tattooed for her love Christopher who plays piano and used to be a drummer in a band.

Christopher also has this symbol on his arm in a full sleeve. They also have four kids -- including twins! Kimberly's husband Matthew has had her name tattooed on him for 16 years, and he's added the names of their children along the way. Kimberly got this tattoo for Matthew seven years ago. They've been married for 17 years.

Still going strong! Tricia's tattoo is badass. She sent me this photo and said, "I have a tattoo for Steve. It is 'love' tattooed in my middle finger because I f-cking love him!!! Not to be a downer but this is my tattoo that both my ex and I got together on the same wrist. Two stars. I have no regrets. In fact, shortly after we got this tattoo, we got married and then later got pregnant with twins.

Perhaps these twin stars had something to do with that. And being that our twins are the best things that ever happened to us, I'm proudly still sporting this tattoo. These two are hardcore in love. Rob and Sasha's couple tattoo is complete when they put their arms together.

It's both of their initials -- S and R -- artfully put together. How sweet is that? Clever, too. Alexis's husband Hank's initials are HO. From her vantage point, it says OH. I love how fun this tattoo is without even trying. Lexi said shortly after she showed her love for Hank with this tattoo, he gave her a gorgeous wedding ring. They just had their first baby together and welcomed him into their now blended family of seven kids.

Sweetest love! No one in the world has these tattoos that tattoo artist Bella created besides these two love birds. They used their own thumbprints to form a heart with the infinity symbol blending it together. Forever and ever. This gorgeous tattoo is on a tattoo artist who drew this with her husband's name -- her husband has her name tattooed on him as well, and she also did the tattooing.

This was done by artist Casey Anderson and is a beautiful gesture of love and the strength of their relationship. These matching tattoos are still incredible when apart, but when together form a heart and an ultimate display of love. This couple calls it their "holding hands" tattoo and that's when the word is perfectly aligned and spelled out. When apart, it's like they carry part of the other with themselves at all times.

This person got a tiny heart tatted onto their on their ring finger so that they can see it every time they wear their wedding band. This couple got matching cinderblock tattoos on their arms. We're not sure why, but they sure are adorable! This couple got king and queen crowns tattooed on their arms, along with the words "one life" and "one love.

What a simple but classic design! We love how the initials are incorporated into the infinity sign, and how the heart is a burst of color. This person got their husband's name tattooed in script, and was able to turn the first letter into a red heart. This person and their husband got "His Queen" and "Her King" tattooed on their respective forearms.

These simple coordinate tattoos actually have a lot of meaning! They're where the owner first met her husband. This woman kept it straight and to the point by having lips and the words "kiss me" tattooed behind her ear.

Apparently, this tattoo is inspired by a necklace that the owner's husband gave her. What an adorable concept! How adorable are these matching finger tattoos? They have the Hebrew word "Echad," which stands for the "oneness that happens when a husband and wife join together for marriage," according to the owner. This woman took elements of her relationship with her husband and turned it into one unique tattoo.

The blue line in the heart symbolizes law enforcement, and forget-me-nots represent faithfulness. This design is a heart intertwined with an infinity sign, but it's made unique by the bright blue color. From the color to the heart shape, these tattoos are absolutely adorable. This couple went for a simple and classic tattoo design: a flock of birds. But to personalize it, they added a meaningful date.

It's a forever kind of thing Some feel it's a curse to get some ink to honor their beloved, but I think it's just the most romantic gesture ever. So much so that I've done it twice! Clearly I never learn. Or I just like pain. Seriously, though, what could possibly be more romantic?!

Share Tweet Pin. Is this the sweetest or what?! So simple. So lovely. So committed. I love this couple tattoo -- and it's so beautifully done. The detail! Because this is tattooed in such a sexy spot, I love it even more. This person got their husband's name right on their ring finger to replace a generic old ring. These two were clearly inspired by the kings and queens from a deck of cards! How cute! For the minimalist couple, check out these simple but beautiful "him" and "her" tattoos.

We're obsessed with these minimalist but sweet semicolon tattoos! This person kept it simple by getting an outline of a heart and her husband's initial. Batman and Batgirl fans will rejoice over this Bat-signal-inspired couples tattoo.

This couple got inverse yin-yang-esque feather tattoos on their arms. The Nightmare Before Christmas Tattoos How fun are these Tetris-inspired tattoos? What a clever concept for a perfect match. How funny is this pizza couples tattoo? It's humorous but still pretty cute!

Tatoo designs for wifes name

Tatoo designs for wifes name

Tatoo designs for wifes name