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Better to spend an evening as my sextoy than get turned over to the police for trying to forge a check in my name," he said as I entered his living room. Michelle had been working part time at the gym for the past six months and had recently been given the responsibility of locking up in the evenings. She enjoyed working there, since it gave her the opportunity to use the gym equipment. It was the first time we met. I was nervous and scared, with a small ball of anxiety low in my stomach.

Stories of nipple punishment

Stories of nipple punishment

Stories of nipple punishment

Stories of nipple punishment

I had to create a fantasy to masturbate to that would include ice cream…part of my punishment is that I can no longer have any without His express permission…which will be a long time coming. Terry sucks in deeply, gulping through her nose for air and erupts with a scream. But as I stroked my cock, I heard the anonymous cock start to cum. How long can you Stories of nipple punishment with the weak tenderness of that pussy you married without Stories of nipple punishment out for the pain you crave? My tits were so sore but I knew what i needed to do. Ok I thought, Punushment could manage that. She quickly doffed them, revealing her gorgeous legs. Finally, she released nippel hooks of her bra, and her magnificent tits fell into Shories.

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I expect your complete obedience. I will Should slavery be allowed to expand with some slapping of your breasts, paying close attention to your nipples. She felt something hard, his penis and pulled her hand back quickly. Her skirt had ridden up so high, he could catch a glimpse of the black panties tucked up beneath. He would never get use to it. The soft material clung to her Stories of nipple punishment breasts, molding around them. Security code:. He could feel the heat and wetness on his fingers as he gripped her sex. Soon he went from gently tugging and pulling my Stories of nipple punishment to twisting them and pulling them - roughly. Tears continues to stream down he fiery red face as Richard held a scalpel and began to slowly cut the flesh on her Achilles tendons. She saw Michael look over at her, his cock being sucked by Lara, knowing that he would get to fuck Melissa next. Except for the uneasiness from having a strange hand touching her so intimately and Uncle Bill being so old, it was not as bad as she thought it would be. Preview This is a Stories of nipple punishment of how your comment will appear. Your skirt is just molded over your tight ass cheeks. He fucked her hard, twisting her nipple with his fingers, feeling her jerk about on the bed; her legs still spread wide, her sex pounded by his powerful body.

Today is Sunday and he came back on Friday night, he watched my videos but I hadn't followed his instructions well enough, i had not been hard enough on myself.

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He sent me a text last night that I need to wear my nipple clamps for 22 minutes a day. At work. Which kind of makes me giggle but then again, I am a sick fuck. But still. I think I remember him taking them after our last playtime. Still waiting to see his solution for that. My gods. My nipples hurt! Waaaay outta left field, pervie peeps.

I can own up to that. Work fills my needs…and I guessed that his did the same. Maybe even moreso. And hell, the weather up here in the frozen north has NOT been conducive to meet-ups, and the 36 hours we were above freezing were spent working at a fever pitch to get outside things attended to before the temps came crashing down.

He has gone from zero to 85 in a heartbeat. Well, they do! And my pussy aches. And I want. I may never get them put back. Oh gods, the slut is out. The slut is loose. She …me…I…crave Him.

Crave His pain. Crave His sadism, His lust, His desires. I need it more than mere words can express. Her nipples throbbed. The weights wobbled as she trembled. If she leaned back, the weights lifted, resting on a thin lip of wood that jutted out from the wall.

If she leaned back, the turbo-sized dildo was pressed deeply into her anus. It stretched her painfully, the girth of it feeling as though it would rip her ass to shreds. They felt aflame with hurt, curls of heat screaming up from the pinched tips, encircling her breasts with fiery licks of pain. Eyes clenched tightly, she slowly eased back until the ache in her nipples eased, only to cry out at the invasion of her throbbing asshole.

Trying to breathe through the pain, she felt the coil of a different heat in her cunt. It was obscene that this turned her on. Her body quivered, and sweat slicked her skin. If she opened her eyes to thin slits, she could see Him sitting in the chair across from her, a small smile upon his face. And knew she loved it. She kept her eyes shut tightly, unwilling to watch him watching her. Her ass screamed. She leaned forward.

She thought she had mastered the timing though, balancing the pain in ass and nipples in equal measure. The creak of the chair warned her of His rising. Eyes opened to watch him warily. He took two straps from the side table, and scooped up the big vibe. It only took a minute for him to attach the vibe to her leg, pressing it hard against her cunt, and use the straps to hold it securely in place.

Turning it on, he moved towards the chair, then stopped. Reaching into his pocket, he slipped out two more weights.

He added them to the ones already killing her nipples, then slapped her ass, making her jolt, and set the weights to swinging wildly. Laughing, he sat back in the chair to watch as she came hard, then smiled as she continued the cycle of pain, orgasm, pain. Soon he would fuck her. He clamps…because He can.

Afterwards, I whimper and hold my sore, dented nipples in my hands as I fall asleep, hurting, yet nurtured. That was it, the exchange over, His attention taken away from her, or put back on whatever project was keeping Him from showing up on time. She wanted Him to stride through the door, kick it shut, grab her by the hair, and toss her across the nearest piece of furniture and fuck her like a whore.

She wanted it rough and violent, a reclaiming of what was His to fuck and hurt and take. It felt so damn good, to be used for her ultimate purpose. Her heart raced. And she had busy work to do. The hurty ones. The ones that made her wince as He flexed the silver mouth open and closed. Small of clamp end, but fierce of bite, they made her tits hurt like hellfire, and her cunt run like a river.

She did her chores, found the clamps, put them on the bed where she could look at them. These things hurt like fuck-fire. The more she looked at them, the more she dreaded the quick sweep of the second hand, the relentless pacing of the minute hand. Every jostle of her tits hurt. Traces of fiery pain licked from her nipples, encasing her tits in an invisible bra of pain. In pain and incredibly aroused, she walked carefully downstairs and out the back door. Fireflies winked on at the perimeter of the yard, a dog barked in the distance, and the faint yet sharply pungent scent of skunk rode the wind.

She shivered as the wind caressed the burning ache that was her bosom. She looked up at their bedroom window, as another gust of wind shivered along her skin. Goosebumps rose, pulling on her clamps as her nipples drew tighter in response. His voice, filled with humor, called to her from the kitchen. He was home!

Quickly she moved into the house, her pussy so wet that her thighs slid across one another as she walked. He stood, beer in one hand, tie loosened, an erection tenting out the front of His work pants. His voice was a drawl of amusement. He pointed to the slick silver gleam on her thighs with the beer bottle.

Her submission fell upon her in a wave more intense than the pain of her tits. A twirl echoed by the lust coiling from her pussy to her tits to her head. A whirlwind of sensations swirled through her. Her nipples ached from the pinches, her pussy throbbed from smacks of his heavy hand. Uncertain as to why her body had awakened so intensely to lust as he had hit her, she could only lay there and burn.

Across the room, his back to her, she watched him disrobe. The shadows danced with candle light across his back, a perfect metaphor for what was unfolding here. Light and dark, inexorably intertwined. If anything, her desire grew in intensity. She wanted…needed…to be fucked. Her nipples were fully erect, painfully erect.

She discovered she was almost panting, tugging at her wrists as if she could pull herself free, get herself off. Her bonds held tight. Her lust was restrained, held at his whim. He turned then, moving towards her. He held a short cane in his teeth, and a golden foil packet in his hands. As he moved, he tore open the condom, slipping it over his rigid shaft easily.

Her eyes moved over him, hungry for every detail. He mounted the bed, and for a moment, his entire body was illuminated for her.

Hair arrowed down his lower body, drawing her attention to that which she craved most. Her eyes rose to meet his. He rose up, straddling her, sitting on her lower body. His legs pressed against her and the heat of his ass resting on her upper thighs only added to the heat she felt inside.

Second I intended to get total revenge against this bitch. Yes, he would enjoy this very much. All time has stopped. He loved her yelps of pain, trying to suppress her screams, not wanting Uncle Bill to truly know how much it was hurting her. These include stories that feature but not limited to murder, violent snuff, and under-age characters.

Stories of nipple punishment

Stories of nipple punishment

Stories of nipple punishment

Stories of nipple punishment

Stories of nipple punishment

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Today is Sunday and he came back on Friday night, he watched my videos but I hadn't followed his instructions well enough, i had not been hard enough on myself. This is an account of my Saturday afternoon. There I stood in my jeans and no top and he looked at me and handed me 16 rubber bands, telling me to put them around the base of my tits. I had never been in bondage before and I really couldnt see how these small rubber bands that three of my fingers just fitted inside were ever going to fit over my E cup tits.

But he stood there looking and me so I tried. I pulled them apart and leant forward, somehow they went on. I wiggled to get my left tit through as far as possible and let go, to my horror the band just rolled of, I hadnt got it on far enough.

The band rolled forward about half an inch then stopped. Wow that felt odd, not really painful but not really comfortable either. He just stood there still looking, not saying anything. I got the hint and did the same to my right tit. When they were both on I couldnt help but look at them. They jutted out obscenely and felt so full and hard. The left was starting to get more painful. I looked at him and he finally spoke. He handed me a piece of paper, and walked off into his study.

I stood there, tits poking out, getting redder all the time, it took me a minute before I read the paper. Place the clip on one of your nipples and begin striking your other tit with the ruler. Count out as you do this and continue until I tell you to stop.

Remove the clamp without opening it and repeat on the other tit. Ok I thought, I could manage that. I walked to the study, he was sitting at the desk, he didnt even look up. I found the ruler and went to look for the clips, there were only tiny ones - 16mm is what was on the box - small is never good, surprisingly they hurt a lot more that large ones that look worse.

I placed the clip on my right nipple wincing as I let it go and it crushed my little nub. I struck harder, but apparently not hard enough. He told me that this was the reason I was here in the first place - I had followed instructions but hadn't pushed myself far enough.

I gave my tit a good hard slap and kept slapping - after I had struck my own breast 20 times he looked up, and told me to make sure the whole tit was red before going back to his reading it was work I think. It was getting harder and harder for me to do but I continued, it must have been 50 slaps when he spoke again telling me to focus on my nipple and strike fast and hard He said nothing but looked at me expectantly, it was time for me to pull the clip or my nipple. It wasn't so bad, it was a little numb but once i got the clamp off the bloodflow returned and i gasped from the ache.

I knew what was next, get that tiny clamp onto my puffy nipple which was still throbbing from the slapping. I put it on, making myself squirm involuntarily. I started slapping my right breast, hard and fast, he periodically told me to hit higher, slower, faster, lower, the nipple, the underside My eyes were watering when i had finished, I lost count but I know it got more strikes than the other tit.

Then came the time to pull the clip off my left tit. Gasps escaped me again and my eyes watered but off it came. I wished i could take the rubber bands off too but I knew that wasnt what he wanted. He handed me another piece of paper still not saying anything then looked down at his work again. I will tell you left or right.

This one was going to be easier, rubber bands sting but dont really hurt, oh i was wrong. I walked to the laundry, bending to take the washing out of the basket and put it in the washer made my breasts throb more My tits were bright red where they poked through the bands, around the bands was pale white.

I rolled the bands off my breasts, one at a time. They throbbed more as the blood flow returned to normal. My tits were so sore but I knew what i needed to do.

I started on the left flicking it hard to make him happy, he didnt even look up, I kept going, after maybe 10 minutes and who knows how many flicks i was gasping as I did it.

He finally told me to switch. Five minutes of flicking and he told me to go back to the left. Each flick felt like fire, but i kept going. He had me switch tits 5 or 6 more times, a good half hour had passed, tears were rolling down my face and even my fingers hurt from pulling the band back. I stood there massaging my bright red breasts. All he said to me was "here's the next one". Cover your breasts in as many pegs as you can.

Come and show me when they are covered. Ask me to whip them off with my belt. I managed to get 44 pegs on each of my breasts i wasnt kidding when i said i had large breasts!

The ones on my nipples and areolas felt the worst after all the flicking i had done before, though the ones underneath were pretty uncomfortable as they poked my ribs because my breasts were forcing them down. I stood in front of the desk. It was time to ask But he really wanted me to tell him exactly what I 'wanted'. He smiled and said he would since i asked so nicely.

As he got up he told me to stand with my hands behind my head, fingers interlocked. It took him 17 whacks on my right tit to get the pegs off and 2 of those were directly across my nipples. My left fared worse 25 strikes with 5 hitting the nipple.

My breasts burned from all the abuse After each swat he got me to tell him that I needed the rest removed - I was basically asking him to strike my breasts over and over again When he was done - I said thankyou and he gave me another bit of paper. How much longer could this go on, was i going to be able to please him, was he going to fuck me at some point as that would make it all worth it!

Face the window. Attach the clamps to your nipples and pull until you have to stand on your toes. Ask me to tie it off at this height. Remain there on your toes until I tell you to stop. Clover clamps - now that was just mean - the more you pull the tighter they get and my nipples were already so swollen and sore. Better get it over and done with.. I put the horrid clamps on my nips, they were so sore from the earlier punishments it was difficult to endure.

I slowly got the string and tied it to the chain joining the clamps - i say slowly as moving quickly was too uncomfortable. He pulled it slightly higher causing me to squeal and he tied it off. He went back to his desk and continued reading. I dont know how much time passed I was sweating, my feet ached, my breasts were sorer that i thought possible He got up gripped the clamps to loosen them and pulled them straight off. At this point i really screamed.

He moved behind me and began massaging my breats and pulling on my nipples, normally i love this but with all they had been through it just hurt.. When he stopped he went and handed me another paper. Open my top draw in the bedroom. Choose the bra you want to wear and put it on. Make sure you place your nipple correctly. Ask me to take you to your boxercise class. I will pick you up too. I went to the bedroom, opened the draw and looked inside Right in the centre where the middle of my nipple would be there was a larger and longer bit sticking out, it was almost 2 inches long.

Clearly the idea was to really poke into the depths of my breasts. I thought about it, the more movement the worse it would be when i was jumping. I picked the small one. I little tacs poked and hurt but didnt break the skin. They felt almost itchy. The long attachment pressing my nipple into my breast was very uncomfortable, if it had been a bit longer my nipple would have been pushed to my ribs underneath!

This was double cruel - it was poking the most tortured part of my breasts quite hard as well as causing the surrounding breast to poke out more into the little tacks. We got in the car and in i went to class. I dont know how i got through the class, the constant prickle mixed with the throbs reminding me what had been happening to my breasts over the last couple of hours.

Stories of nipple punishment

Stories of nipple punishment