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Riding fxdwg

Quotes are estimates only, actual rate may vary slightly. Blacked out cubic inch Twin Cam Riding fxdwg. Your Questions Answered! I actually didn't Riding fxdwg a different sound, but the new angled gearing allows for a smoother transition from gear to gear, which I Xxx password exchange notice. Pricing may exclude any added parts, accessories or installation unless otherwise noted. Do you like that word chopper-esque?

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The new system uses four die cast steel clamps which Riding fxdwg a camming over-center action that securely locks the shield onto the fork tubes between the triple clamps, and is absolutely rock solid. A Harley-Davidson Confederate Edition of the Super Glide that had commemorative paint and Ridinf and fender decals was produced but in such low volume numbers - only units - as to make it one of the rarest of the company's motorcycles. Preload is easily adjusted with a spanner wrench to make your suspension suit you and your riding style. Shop Motorcycle Gear Shop All. The look is hard as Riding fxdwg. I will probably never be without a bike again as it's so much a part of my blood now, but Riding fxdwg also wanted this bike to have less high speed capabilities as I simply have more to live for these days than merely strafing apexes. Manufacturer Part Number: Power Hot latin muscle man : 1. Garage Select a Motorcycle. Are you Riidng to light the fuse? Prices exclude dealer setup, taxes, title and licensing and are subject to change.

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  • Reputed to be the first factory custom motorcycle , [1] it originated Harley-Davidson's FX series of motorcycles by mating Sportster components, most notably the front end, with the chassis of their larger big twin motorcycles.
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  • It continues all the way back to the minimalist black wire sissy bar.

For model year , Harley-Davidson unveiled a completely new version of the Dyna Wide Glide, a radical departure from a bike that had become somewhat of an old standard in the Dyna platform, one with a fan base of riders — me being one of them. The bike I so desired was the Wide Glide with its mini-apehangers and up-swept rear fender giving motorcyclists the option of having a chopper-style Harley with a rubber mounted engine.

The new Wide Glide is very different than the formerly named model. It's a low stretched out custom with old school accents like the laced front wheel, and chopped rear fender exposing more of the mm rear tire.

So it was with much anticipation I greeted the new Dyna Wide Glide. Harley-Davidson is billing it as an old-school chopper with drag bars, forward controls, and a low stretched custom look. This is not a high apehanger type of chopper.

That's what I think when I hear the term chopper. The main difference I see between the Wide Glide of yesterday and the one today is the new one has a more aggressive riding stance in the form of drag bars and forward controls that force the rider to lean I've never been a fan of this riding style with my arms and legs outstretched before me. Yesterday's Wide Glide with its mini-apes put the rider in a laid back riding style that countered the stretch of the legs reaching for the forward controls.

The Wide Glide has a degree rake and the larger 21 inch wheel, the size used on a lot of custom-built choppers. A big smile came across my face when I threw my leg over the bike discovering the low seat height of just This height enables a wide range of riders to reach the ground flat footed no matter how wide a profile the bike has — and the Glide's profile has, what I'd term, a medium wide profile — not as wide as the Fat Boy but not as narrow as the Sportster, somewhere in between.

My 5-foot 6. I test rode the Wide Glide over a couple of mile days finding myself really settling in to the riding position after the first miles. I don't tend to like to cruise long distances in this "reach forward" riding position, but the Wide Glide is so comfortable that my body just becomes one with the machine.

The ergonomic triangle is dialed in just right for me with the Wide Glide, that is my reach to the bars relative to where I'm sitting, and my reach to the foot controls relative to the seat. The favorable ergonomics allow me to take up the entire seat as opposed to having to scoot forward like I do on some larger motorcycles. This lets me take advantage of the lumbar support the rise in the rear of the saddle adding to my overall comfort of this bike.

The handlebars have a 4-inch riser, shown here painted in gloss black, raising them just enough so the reach to the slighted bended drag bars is not so much of a reach. The front has a clean look thanks to the electrical wires hidden inside the handlebars. One minor inconvenience was getting used to the extended reach of my right leg to the forward foot peg as I had to "clear" the bulging air cleaner on the right side.

Riders with shorter legs than me — I have a inch inseam — will have take this into consideration. You might have to move the foot controls closer to you.

Feeling one with the bike gives me the added confidence to blast through the twisties leaning the motorcycle over just a bit farther than I'd normally go. And the Wide Glide takes those curves like it was made for them.

The bike goes right where I point it, even with the larger wheel and stretched out front end. Unlike some custom bikes I've ridden manufactured by small-time bike builders, Harley-Davidson cruisers fly through the curves with a solid planted feel, a testament to its more than years of being in business. I've never experienced any front-end wobble, or uncertainty on the Wide Glide, nor on any of the Dynas or Softails I've ridden for that matter. Being cradled in the machine also gives me the feeling of being torpedoed forward when I cranked on the throttle.

I feel more torque coming off the line with this bike, and on each roll-on of the throttle shifting through the six gears than I have on any of Harley-Davidson's other bikes with the same Twin Cam 96 cubic inch engine.

Harley's spec sheet indicates 92 foot-pounds of torque at 3, rpm. The Wide Glide weighs pounds, which may sound like a lot, but with such a low center of gravity, the weight is hardly noticeable. It's also one of Harley's lightest Big Twins giving it a favorable power to weight ratio. I am very impressed with the extra smooth ride quality of the Wide Glide. I've always been a fan of the Dyna chassis and the fact that the engine is rubber mounted to the frame, meaning there is a rubber bushing at the points of contact where the V-twin is mounted to the engine taking most of the engine vibration.

The rider feels minimal vibration. A new helical cut 5th gear on this Dyna gives the transmission an improved sound according to the marketing notes on this bike. I actually didn't notice a different sound, but the new angled gearing allows for a smoother transition from gear to gear, which I did notice.

I never had a problem flicking from one gear to the next or finding neutral. Two exposed coil type shock absorbers in the back do a superb job of gliding the Glide over bumps. I was never jarred out of the saddle, even going over big potholes. The ignition switch on the Wide Glide is located on the center console, as is the large face analog speedometer, and digital odometer, dual trip meter, clock, and fuel range indicator.

This photo shows the tank mounted speedometer, along with the black painted mirrors, switch housings, headlight bucket and wheel rims.

Styling is right on. Black accents are right where they need to be — not too overpowering — with the balance of the accents in chrome. This gives the Wide Glide understated appeal.

Its sleek lines and low profile are what draw you into the bike. Colors offered for are black, red, and black flame. Here's the Black Flame color -- an old school classic flame look. The shortie sissy bar and fender struts are also painted black.

The passenger pillion, meant for short jaunts only because of its small size, is separate from the rider's seat so it can be removed. In keeping with the custom details of this bike, the license plate bracket is mounted on the side, while the bright red LED turn signals also act as the rear brake and taillight.

Chrome "Tommy Gun" exhaust pipes with dual mufflers give the bike an imposing appearance. The cut outs are why it's called Tommy Gun. While I'm still bemoaning the loss of the availability buying the old-styled Dyna Wide Glide in new condition anymore, I can easily accept this new one that truly makes the Wide Glide a whole new motorcycle.

It is an incredibly fun motorcycle that reminds me a bit of the Rocker — chopper-esque in a Harley sense of the word. Do you like that word chopper-esque? I do as this is the second time I'm using it in this article. Harley's marketing notes call it "affordable attitude.

Women who gravitate towards this style of riding will enjoy the new Dyna Wide Glide. I'm waiting to see who's the first one to replace the drag bars with apes though? Still grinning after a great day of riding the Wide Glide. Both women and men will appreciate the friendly ergonomics and the easy handling.

Take one for a test ride. Email to a Friend. Send Email. I'm always a little nervous when Harley-Davidson takes a particular model out of its line-up that's been there for more than a decade, especially one that is a favorite of mine. That usually means the model is going to get a makeover -- and that's exactly what happened when the Dyna Wide Glide, as we knew it, was discontinued in Email to a friend Tweet.

Jump to Readers Comments. Reader Comments I truly enjoyed reading this article. I own Dyna Wide and I love my bike! It's glossy black with a lot of chrome and I have it in the shop for a makeover replacing the chrome front fender with a glossy black one, engine side bars, white wall tires, and I'm having the rear end lowered. I'm totally excited and can't wait to see the way looks after it's makeover.

Great review. I am a proud owner of a Dyna Wide Glide after drooling over a picture of the Never rode a street bike or even owned a license when I purchased mine. The handling just made it a breeze to work around a test course considering the length.

Very glad that you mentioned the right leg annoyance. I replaced the "canned ham" after only a few rides as it really does put your leg in an uncomfortable position. Went with a SE Heavy Breather the forward cone type and no more sore knee.

And for anyone who has to traverse dirt roads I live 45km out on one this bike really handles the washboards and loose gravel very well. The stability with it being a lower center of gravity really gives one confidence.

Hey, love the shorty sissy bar. I'm looking to buy something like that to put on my Honda Black Widow, but maybe with a pad so it's a bit more comfy when my wife joins for a trip. I want a short one because I want to keep the bike looking as low as possible. Just want something she can feel behind her so she won't fall off. You know what brand this one is?

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The factory accessory polyurethane bar riser bushings replaced the too-mushy stock rubber ones, for better steering response and only a tad more vibration at certain rpm's. Let's Chat. News Ticker. Easily adjust preload with a spanner wrench to suit your suspension to your riding style. Estimated from fuel economy tests on a sample motorcycle from the corresponding family conducted by Harley-Davidson under ideal laboratory conditions.

Riding fxdwg

Riding fxdwg

Riding fxdwg

Riding fxdwg

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Feel the purity of two wheels, a handle bar and an engine. Is it how iconic it is? How it makes you …. The icon you love to see and love to be seen on. A vision in white and chrome, this baby will turn heads. With 13" Twin Peaks handlebars, ….

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Description: The icon you love to see and love to be seen on. Description: A vision in white and chrome, this baby will turn heads. Description: If you're looking for the ultimate tourer to rule the road, look no further than the rumbling ….

Riding fxdwg

Riding fxdwg