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Pretenn model nude

Pretenn model nude

Pretenn model nude

Pretenn model nude

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Verified by Psychology Today. Positively Media. Recently, Kim Kardashian posted a nude image of herself to her This has unleashed an avalanche of discussions online about whether Kim is making a statement about empowerment or further promoting the objectification of women.

What messages does this send to young fans? Why is a nude or quasi-nude on Instagram different from sexting? Why is it okay for celebrities to post nude pictures and not okay for me? Or in simple terms, the illusion of privacy, how other people think about seeing a picture of you without your clothes on and how you want to see yourself and be treated by others.

A lot of girls and young women are fans of the glam lifestyle of Kim Kardashian. When we like something or someone, we view their actions in that light.

They will find the attention she gets fascinating because these young fans all aspire to be beautiful, rich and the center of attention. Face it. We all do. What most of us know, however, is that this career path is rarely attainable and everything less that total success and often even success itself can lead to very unpleasant outcomes. The more outrageous the drama, the more attention Kim gets and the more money she makes.

Every click and view are revenue sources. I didn't want to contribute to the "cause" by posting the photo again. Social media sites such as Twitter and Instagram offer a sense of authenticity and immediacy.

They are meant to portray life unmediated by handlers and PR teams, which is why they are such successful platforms for celebrities to use to cultivate fan relationships. They give fans the sense that they really know these people much more than magazines, television and film. Fans feel attached to Kim and view her behavior through this lens of attachment. Kim cultivates this by continually providing peaks into the extravagances of life, babies, a famous and equally outrageous husband, and a famous and equally outrageous family.

She has achieved a narrative where fans willingly suspend disbelief. She needs people to look at her, she doesn't need to look at others. As well publicized, Kim makes thousands of dollars per sponsored tweet or post. Sponsors pay because she has lots of people following her feeds and to maintain this, she continues to do things to maintain a steady flow attention. Posting pictures of herself nude or in provocative poses helps feed that drama frenzy.

Kim actively cultivates her image—she is, after, selling a brand. Trolls and cyberbullies are her best friends. The more rude things people say, the more people watch to see what will happen. It is an online, real-time reality show.

As a role model, this is problematic. It is one that makes it hard to see her nude photos in an empowering light, particularly given her largely impressionable audience. Because once the drama is over, no one cares anymore. This same thing that would psychologically derail a year-old benefits Kim.

This is good news for Kim Kardashian, but not for almost everyone else. They only see the upside. Kim has the luxury to cultivate this online turmoil; she travels with bodyguards, rides in limos and has a legal team and PR handlers who can step in at any time.

Most of her fans face the reality of friends or the student body at school without any backup at all and little psychological resources to cope with the fallout. She may be saying that everyone should love their body, but she is selling notoriety. While she may love her body, she appears to love it with lots of make-up, expensive clothes, hair extensions and artfully arranged lighting—all out of the reach of all but a select few of her fans.

Parents can talk with children about the realities of the Internet and the ramifications of posting a nude photo, such as being the recipient of cyberbullying or being charged under the child pornography laws. This important fact is unknown to most teens.

A study by Strohmaier, Murphy, and DeMatteo found that more than half of the college-age respondents had sexted as minors but most lacked awareness of the legal consequences or thought they were much less severe than they actually were.

A good, but simple technique is to ask your teen to imagine a friend or foe posting something like that and then the expected response from their friends, or a potential boss, college admissions officer or even grandma.

All the better if their inclination is to make fun. Then think about being the recipient of what they were so ready to dish out. Not everyone sees the same thing and a simple shift of perspective is a very powerful thing. The Internet is permanent, searchable and never really private. Missteps, such as posting a nude photo, can be psychologically, socially and legally costly for young people. Horton, D. Mass Communication and Para-Social Interaction.

Psychiatry , 19, Strohmaier, H. Sexuality Research and Social Policy, 11 3 , Pamela Rutledge, Ph. Screen tools are parental placebos, not teaching tools. Anxieties over social media use are fodder for the campaign trail. Positive use of location-tracking demands respect, trust, and ground rules. Back Psychology Today. Back Find Counselling.

Back Get Help. Back Magazine. Subscribe Issue Archive. Back Today. Is Autism Becoming Neurodiversity? Pamela B. Rutledge Ph. Follow me on Twitter. Friend me on Faceook. Connect with me on LinkedIn. References Horton, D. Comment Post Comment Your name. E-mail The content of this field is kept private and will not be shown publicly. Notify me when new comments are posted. All comments. Replies to my comment. Leave this field blank. About the Author. In Print:. The Media Psychology Blog.

View Author Profile. More Posts. The Impact of Location-Tracking Apps on Relationships Positive use of location-tracking demands respect, trust, and ground rules. Continue Reading. Most Popular in South Africa. Prejudice and Violence Against Vegetarians and Vegans. More Like This. A Wake-Up Call. Get Listed Today.

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Pretenn model nude

Pretenn model nude

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Pretenn model nude

Pretenn model nude