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JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Non-slip mats and anti-slip matting are primarily used in areas where traction underfoot is critical to help prevent slips, trips and falls. They are designed for areas that are prone to wet and slippery floors and perform effectively under these circumstances. We provide a large selection of non-slip mats that are suitable for all industrial, commercial and domestic applications.

This makes it the perfect material for anti-slip floor mats, as they remain effective at all times. Matting Rolls Polymax offer a large range of matting rolls suitable for a variety of applications. Flexible Ducting. We always ensure shipment on the committed date. Electrical Safety Matting View Products. Regardless of the specific Non slip rubber mat, our non-slip rubber matting adds considerably more security even in the most hazardous areas. Our non-slip Chyna low blow pics are super easy to clean since they are made from either PVC or rubber. Some of our matting products come with drainage holes located across their surfaces. Here are some points to help you choose: Non-Slip Mats for Chemicals, Oils and Grease In industries Non slip rubber mat contaminants and liquids such as oil, grease and chemicals are used, anti-slip mats or a non-slip mat roll can help to prevent employees and customers from injuring themselves. Our non-slip mats are suitable for all areas where traction underfoot is vital to prevent slips and falls.

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We use both recycled and reclaimed materials when making our mats. Safety is Non slip rubber mat of the most prominent concerns for business owners because often times any slip, trips, or falls that occur within or around their building can fall under their liability. Refine by Price. There was a problem with saving your item s for later. Product Title Mainstays 18 in. Sponsored Products. Rubber Floor Mats Articles. Two birds with one stone! Our non-slip rugber are custom cut to need, and are available in seamless lengths of up to 50 ft. Gym Mats. All Weather Mats.

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A slick and moist floor is a significant hazard. Some surfaces like tile and laminate are prone to becoming extremely slippery when moist. Accidents that occur as a result of a misplaced foot can be embarrassing, painful, and very costly. It is always a good idea to have anti-slip floor mats set in place, especially in an area prone to wet conditions.

A huge part of this safety lies in the rubber material used to make our anti-skid flooring. It enhances traction and inhibits moisture at the same time.

Every type of floor, whether it is residential, commercial, or industrial, can benefit from the presence of rubber traction mats. The primary feature about anti-slip floor mats is that they increase the safety of wet areas. Business owners take an interest in rubber non-slip mats because of this reason. Some commercial venues like restaurant kitchens are hazardous areas that see lots of loose liquids getting onto their existing floors.

Without any safety flooring in place, the risk of workers slipping and injuring themselves is far greater. Not only this, but slip and fall accidents can lead to serious issues when it comes to liability. Many venue owners opt for anti-slip floor mats as a way of safeguarding their business.

By using this safety flooring, they are taking every precaution to reduce the risk of encountering a costly lawsuit, as well as boosting the safety of their visitors and employees. In addition to kitchen areas, these mats are ideal to place at entryways when there are wet weather conditions. With rubber anti-slip floor mats placed in such areas, people will experience more security while on their feet.

This safety is provided in large part thanks to the rubber material that is used in our traction mats. An additional benefit is that rubber non-slip mats placed in entryways — particularly those with grip-enhancing surface protrusions — are able to scrape dirt and moisture from the soles of shoes.

This capability also provides safer interior floors, because it prevents fluids from being tracked inside and creating a slippery surface. Though kitchens and restaurants make up a significant plurality of areas where anti-slip floor mats see extensive use, they are far from the only ones. Hotels, resorts, and other hospitality environments utilize rubber traction mats near pools and bathrooms, to promote the safety and well-being of their guests. Additionally, anti-slip floor mats are incorporated readily by boats, ships, and general maritime organizations for much the same reasons.

These are all areas which are prone to large quantities of surface moisture and require the element of safety provided by non-slip mats to maintain safe footing. One could not ask for a better material to use for anti-slip floor mats. The most important feature about rubber, in regards to safety, is that it comes with a naturally high level of traction. Rubber provides for more friction and resistance against moving objects.

When feet have more friction put against them, they are more likely to stay firm and secure. A key characteristic supporting the coefficient of friction provided by rubber is that it retains this level of traction, even under wet conditions. While other materials become slick in such conditions, rubber remains resolute. This makes it the perfect material for anti-slip floor mats, as they remain effective at all times. This is true of the various different types of rubber that we use in our anti-slip floor mats, such as recycled rubber and synthetic rubber.

Recycled rubber is a popular material that is very durable yet affordable to the consumer. It is also an eco-friendly material that can help consumers reduce their overall environmental impact. When rubber tires are repurposed into anti-slip floor mats, they are given a second life, allowing their overall planetary impact to be mitigated extensively.

Using recycled rubber as anti-skid flooring is an economical and reliable eco-friendly choice that practically everyone involved in the process can benefit from. Recycled and synthetic rubbers that are used to make traction mats are also tough and durable, which is a vital characteristic in an anti-skid flooring which is going to be hit by a high volume of foot traffic.

Some of our anti-skid flooring mats come with surface textures that are specifically designed to enhance traction for the people standing on top of them.

A commonly used surface texture is a design that features slightly raised protrusions across the top of the mat. Our anti-slip floor mats are likely to come across moisture.

However, one does not need to worry about water damage to these non-slip mats because they are made of rubber, which is naturally resistant to moisture. Other types of flooring, such as wood, can absorb water and develop organic byproducts like mold.

The cost of repairing such damage can be costly. Anti-slip floor mats made of rubber can spare you that unnecessary expense because they do not absorb any water and inhibits the development of organisms like mold. To further enhance their maintenance against water, some of our anti-slip floor mats come with drainage holes that help channel excess water away from the surface of the mat.

This feature can aid in maintaining safety and cleanliness at the same time. Because they simultaneously grip your feet as well as the ground beneath, rubber anti-slip floor mats provide a trustworthy barrier upon which virtually all of your employees and guests can stand, walk, and work without fear of potentially hazardous trips and falls.

Given all of these excellent features, it is essential to have rubber traction mats in your area, especially if it is prone to wet weather conditions. It is very important for commercial businesses to have non-slip mats in place because they can keep both workers and customers safe from disastrous slip and fall accidents.

Since these anti-skid flooring mats are made of rubber, they are a cost-effective safety solution that is easy to clean and maintain in the face of excess moisture.

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Install our mats in places like garages, basements, outdoor patios, pool side, workshops, or leading in and out of entryways—really the possibilities are endless! Our non-slip mats are very easy to set up and maintain, requiring little more than a broom to brush off debris and a damp mop for more thorough cleanings.

These products can cover long walkways and runner areas, both inside and outside which makes it easy to reuse them after the wet seasons.

Fitted side by side, these mats can cover wider areas, and because there are so few seams our non-porous options will last a long time. Custom fitting means that these non-slip mats can go practically wherever your imagination wants them to!

Whether you need anti-slip flooring indoors or out, Floor Mat Company offers many choices when it comes to slip resistant mats. Regardless of the location, we have options that are well suited for especially abrasive outdoor applications—such as locations that see snow or excessive moisture and mud or even heavy foot traffic.

Not to mention the comfort factor it has over the typical workplace surfaces of tile, wood, or concrete flooring. Our non-slip mats are easy to install and easy to care for all while greatly reducing the potential for painful, dangerous, and costly accidents. Protect yourself, your customers, and your loved ones with our long-lasting products! Floor Mat Company offers a large number of rubber mats for various needs and applications. Ask a Floor Mat Expert!

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Wet spots and slippery areas can be common sights in commercial stores, public facilities, and retail malls. Unfortunately, wet flooring has the potential to become a serious hazard for a business, causing both employees and customers to suffer accidents.

Slips, trips, and falls are a leading cause of injuries, and business owners should take every step possible to prevent such hazards with non-slip flooring or matting. You can increase safety in problematic areas by installing one of our rubber non-slip flooring mats in entrances, walkways, and other high-traffic areas.

The Rubber Flooring Experts offer a wide selection of non-slip floors that make for more secure, safe, and affordable flooring solutions while adding life to your existing commercial area. Our non-slip rubber matting products allow you to focus on the most important aspects of your business instead of constantly worrying about the safety of your customers and employees. The secret behind our non-slip flooring lies within the rubber material used to make it.

One of the unique features of rubber is that it has a very high coefficient of friction with the soles of feet and footwear. Thanks to this friction, when you walk over non-slip rubber matting, your feet will experience an improved level of grip and traction that they would not experience on unprotected floors like tile, laminate, or even concrete.

Slips and falls are caused by unintended movement of your feet. The high friction from rubber non-slip floors counteracts these kinds of accidental movements and keep your feet in place, preventing you from slipping and falling. This helps maintain your balance, preventing you from experiencing slip accidents. The rubber material of our non-slip flooring provides just enough friction to keep you standing upright and stable on your two feet, especially while walking around.

Non-slip flooring and mats can also come with unique surface textures that enhance the level of grip and traction that is already present with the rubber. Surface textures are great for improving traction because they provide additional gripping points to increase the overall amount of friction between your feet and the non-slip flooring.

Since friction is based on the unevenness of a surface, the texturized designs result in a surface that provides even more traction gain, allowing your feet to securely grip the non-slip rubber matting.

The friction from textured non-slip flooring helps you maintain balance while standing or moving. While all surface textures are designed to fulfill the same overall function of improving traction, some designs are better suited towards specific settings or applications.

Some of our non-slip floors have textures that are geared towards maintaining traction on ramps and inclines. Other surface textures feature drainage holes, or corrugated ribs that can both scrape shoes and lead moisture away from the non-slip rubber matting. Some textures are even favored for their appearance, with rugged aesthetics that make them better-suited for commercial or industrial settings.

Our inventory of non-slip flooring is designed to provide superior safety and protection, even during moist and inclement weather conditions. Other types of flooring typically become slippery and dangerous with moisture from rain and other forms of precipitation.

In addition to putting people at risk of slipping and falling, this moisture can also cause mold and mildew to develop in the floor, which can impact the health of employees and customers.

However, non-slip rubber matting does not have this problem, as rubber is naturally water resistant and does not absorb moisture. This is why our rubber mats and non-slip floors maintain their great traction and perform well even during rain and other wet conditions. Since rubber naturally comes with a high coefficient of friction and maintains high amounts of friction even when wet, it is naturally a superior choice of material for non-slip flooring options.

Another way our non-slip flooring can minimize the slip hazards presented by water is through the inclusion of drainage holes. Some of our matting products come with drainage holes located across their surfaces.

This type of non-slip flooring is ideal for conditions that see excess levels of moisture. The holes drain through any liquids on the surfaces of the mats in order to prevent an excessive and dangerous build-up of moisture. Instead of wading through puddles, your feet can enjoy the safe traction of the rubber matting. Rubber non-slip floors, especially those that contain recycled rubber materials, demonstrate excellent resistance to UV rays, ozone, water, and other harsh elements.

If a mat degrades over time due to the environmental conditions it is placed in, this mat can become a safety hazard itself! UV rays are known to cause chipping, discoloration, and general structural infirmity in some materials. These factors can contribute to unsafe flooring, but they will not be a problem if you place recycled rubber non-slip flooring or mats in your areas. Recycled rubber is primarily made from discarded vehicle tires.

Tires are designed to operate in a variety of harsh environments, and this strength is transferred over to our non-slip flooring products. They can be used in outdoor conditions without you having to worry about their integrity in the face of the elements. Regardless of the specific design, our non-slip rubber matting adds considerably more security even in the most hazardous areas.

Make sure your customers can walk safely through your store or office by installing rubber non-slip flooring and runners in well-traveled areas. Using durable rubber mats indoors or outdoors is not just a long-lasting and cost-effective non-slip flooring solution; it is also a form of insurance for any application.

Invest in the safety of your customers and employees by exploring our top-selling products! Ask a Rubber Flooring Expert Your Clumsy Employee. Non-Slip Flooring.

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