Nipples in the wind fresno-Fresno man seeking a woman to Fresno

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Nipples in the wind fresno

Nipples in the wind fresno

Nipples in the wind fresno

Nipples in the wind fresno

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Nipples in the wind fresno

Nipples in the wind fresno

Nipples in the wind fresno. Popular Stories


Wheelbuilders! Brass vs. Aluminum nipples - Bike Forums

All rights reserved. Use of this site indicates your consent to the Terms of Use. Brass vs. Aluminum nipples. Remember Me? Mark Forums Read. Bicycle Mechanics Broken bottom bracket?

Tacoed wheel? Thread Tools. So I'm planning a new build and am undecided about whether to use brass or aluminum nipples on the new wheels.

I'm lbs and the wheels will both be 32H campy centaur hubs laced 3x in the rear, 2x in the front with DT aerolite spokes to velocity aeroheads offset rear rim too and I'd be using either DT aluminum or brass nipples. I know brass is more durable but I'm a fairly light rider, they aren't low spoke wheels and it seems like such a cheap cheap way to drop 2 oz.

Also, any opinions on DT's threadlocking nipples? It doesn't seem needed with prepped hand built wheels but I'd love to hear some opinions. Thanks guys! View Public Profile. Find More Posts by Hocam. Likes: Liked 69 Times in 62 Posts. One of the wheel sets I sold went to a user who put them on his commuter bike.

Salt corrosion damaged several of the aluminium nipples. There was a place for brass. Find More Posts by maddmaxx. Liked 12 Times in 9 Posts. Go with brass nipples. The durability issue isn't about rider weight, it's about aluminum nipples having a tendency to round over after a time, often because the nipples have become very difficult to turn, and a spoke wrench will no longer turn them. The weight savings is minimal, I don't know exactly how much you'd save but the two ounces you mention sounds like more than it would be to me-.

Last edited by well biked; at AM. Find More Posts by well biked. Brass is sounding better and better. On the website 64 brass nipples are 65 grams, 64 aluminum are 20 grams, so 45 grams is almost 2 oz. Any experience with the DT thread locking nipples? That's 1. Not nearly worth the trouble of oxidation and soft work surfaces. I wouldn't ride aluminum nipples unless I didn't have to maintain my own wheels. Find More Posts by waterrockets. Originally Posted by Hocam. Thanks, I think I'll stick to standard brass nipples then.

Locking ones seem like a marketing scheme to me. Liked 2 Times in 2 Posts. Brass for me thanks. I like my teeth, hehe. Well the ones I have left anyway ,,,,BD. Find More Posts by Bikedued. Liked 4 Times in 4 Posts. Originally Posted by Bikedued. Find More Posts by TallRider. Aluminum all over except for drive side. Do they oxidate? Yes they do Is it a problem? No it's not.

Visit Lectron's homepage! Find More Posts by Lectron. Originally Posted by Lectron. Just the same, brass for me thanks. Not a problem for them to oxidize, but I imagine corrosion is a real problem.

I live miles from the coast, and my fuel pressure regulator on my car Holley tries to corrode constantly. I have to keep it clean and lubed up on the outside. That and other aluminum things around here try to corrode if not protected.

Originally Posted by timcupery. Not a bad solution, actually. How have you prepped them? I am in the process of building my first wheelset ordered the parts last night. In my readings online, I found a guy who did the math about how much extra energy it takes to accelerate a wheel with brass nipples compared to aluminum nipples from 20 to 30 mph.

He also compared it to the same weight when not as part of the wheels. All things being equal rider weight, wind, weather, etc. I wish I could find the site Find More Posts by hopperja. Inertia is the word you're looking for, and here's one pretty accurate way to determine it Here's a graph over different wheels interia.

Last edited by Lectron; at AM. Bobby Lex. Liked 1 Time in 1 Post. Find More Posts by Bobby Lex. Nothing wrong with alumunum nipples.

I've built with them for years, and gotten great service life out of them. My oldest set of wheels with alloy nipples are just over 10 years old, with no nipple related problems -- they're MTB wheels, so they've seen their fair share of water and dirt. Most of the so called issues are easily solved. Rounding of the squared portion is caused by poor quality tools. Use a high quality four sided spoke wrench and never worry about it again.

Corrosion can be prevented by using anti-sieze, and adding one mm to the calculated spoke length will reinforce the flange of the nipple by threading the spoke all the way through. Aluminum nipples have been in use for many years and will continue to be used successfully by many wheelbuilders around the world, so don't blame the product for the mechanic's shortcomings. Find More Posts by Svr.

Originally Posted by Svr. Find More Posts by froze. Everyone talks going light this light that, but lightest weight stuff is not as durable as some of the only slightly heavier stuff. So what are you trying to accomplish with this wheel build? Are you racing or just leisure riding? Leisure riding can be long distance riding but your not racing. DT Competition double butted spokes are great spokes and they come in two flavors just get the lightest flavor.

I have Revolutions on my front wheel and like you I weigh pounds but I have 36 spoked rims and with that combo I've had virtually no problems. Also if you want durability don't go with radial laced spokes, the weight you will save by doing that is not that great maybe an ounce and you will lose reliability. And go with the brass nipples for trouble free nipples.

BUT if you racing then that changes all of that, but if you were racing I would look into a completely new wheel set that would be more aerodynamic and use less spokes because most of the time Aerodynamics in a wheel wins over light weight non-aero wheels. DT Aluminum nipples only on my builds. I use Revolution spokes but don't recommend them for driveside rear, too much stretch. Find More Posts by Al Originally Posted by Al Find More Posts by thesuper.

Originally Posted by thesuper.

Nipples in the wind fresno

Nipples in the wind fresno

Nipples in the wind fresno