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Naughty interview

Interview Naughty interview technical interview and very hard in my opinion some what relevent and some what knterview but overall its an average interview. Flag this Item Cancel. During that time I specialized in Data Management and Analysis. Do you have any particular areas of interest or ability? Interview I applied online on their website and received an email about two weeks later to set up a technical phone interview.

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A couple days after Iinterview sent my animation test back, I got an Naughty interview asking for a phone interview for the next day. She initially thought that the reason she liked this was because of an overcompensation due to past sexual trauma, and her repressive upbringing. Thank you. Helpful Strips at REAL job interview. They even mocked Naughth by saying "please look at Download free fem dom movies notes and answer from there". She said the same thing as before, "The interview will range from 45min-1hr. Naughty Calendar Audition 5 min Calendar Auditions - Hot Asian Amateur. After answering a few questions, I got stuck on a question about 3D math. Those few months Naughty interview into a year. I don't think I would ever recommend ibterview to this company, since the employees I've talked to have attitude issues and are extremely impatient. I left with more money than I had seen in a long time.

Naughty Dog.

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Naughty Dog. Helpful I applied through a recruiter. The process took 5 days. Naughty Dog had been advertising for multiple positions for nearly a year. My impression is that they are either very picky or are using their postings to perpetually troll for new recruits. Either way, despite my many years experience, I was asked to perform a "technical interview" as my first interview.

They had a Junior Engineer call me and basically give me a pop quiz over the phone on subject matter and minutiae that I have rarely had a practical use for nor did it overlap with the requirements for the job I thought I was interviewing for.

At best, my experience with them was cold and confusing. At worst, I would consider them incompetent and generally unable to truly assess the abilities of those they interview. I applied online. I interviewed at Naughty Dog in October I applied online, and then they sent an animation test within a day which I was very excited about. The animation test was not easy- it was long enough that they knew I couldn't get to a polish stage, so I had to push as quickly as I could to get in the basics.

A couple days after I sent my animation test back, I got an email asking for a phone interview for the next day. The phone interview covered my resume and my animation test; they asked for my own critique on my animation test, and what I would finish or improve given more time. It was pretty straightforward and I appreciated their timeliness.

Helpful 4. I interviewed at Naughty Dog. Went well, first interview and went in for a second interview. The first interview was over the phone with a recruiter and quick-fire questions, the second interview is in person and longer roughly minutes.

The process took 1 day. I interviewed at Naughty Dog in November Emailed to setup a technical phone interview 2 days after being called. An hour before beginning, I got a phone call from them to remind me. It threw me into a bit of a panic at first and though I had timezones confused, it was unexpected.

Hour later, I got the interviewer phone call. He immediately jumped into technical questions, really fast, back to back for about minutes. I froze during some of the questions. I nailed the harder ones, but in my opinion and I think they agreed , if you can't get the easy ones right it doesn't matter. It wasn't that I didn't know them - I definitely knew the answers any other time you could ask me, but I just babbled like a goof without thinking.

Worst performance in an interview ever, and I'm not sure why I had such an issue that day. Still haunts me at nights how rediculous I probably sounded. The harder questions are the vector math questions. They expect you to know how to do vector math on the spot, or at least describe how to do some common operations and game tricks. Got an email back the following week saying they decided to move on. Very technical interview and very hard in my opinion some what relevent and some what not but overall its an average interview.

You hav eto be fully prepared in order to get a job here because they seek the very best. Helpful 1. The interview was very hard. All questions were related to vector and algebra math. They even mocked me by saying "please look at your notes and answer from there".. WTF again. Very hard interview. Good luck! I applied through other source. I interviewed at Naughty Dog in May Well first of all, awesome interview process, straight forward, to the point no BS.

I applied online, after one of our college alumni told about the opening, got a call next day to setup an interview. I selected a date 2 weeks ahead and recruiter was fine with it. Every programmer can pass this first round super easy.

I got a call half an hour after the interview telling me that I passed the interview. And I scheduled the next one 2 weeks after that, now the scary part of this next round was that it was with Jason Gregory himself.

Second Round This lasted for about 1 hours 15 mins, some of the questions were repeated from first round, but this one went about 45 mins into vector math.

You need to know each and every application of cross and dot product, thoroughly. Next half an hour was programming part, this was basic inheritance to pretty low level programming questions related to cache and memory allocation.

I couldnt answer those questions properly and for vector math Jason helped me multiple times, and according to him, I should have been able to breeze through those questions. Will definitely apply again next year. The process took 3 weeks. I applied online on their website and received an email about two weeks later to set up a technical phone interview. They asked various questions from low-level architecture to 3D mathematics.

They sent out a test edit albeit filled with errors. They responded really quickly and setup a phone call and then a relaxed phone call lead to a very intense in-person interview. During my in-person interview I was impressed by half the team and discouraged by the other half. While on the tour of their studio I saw my resume and website on the computers for a few of the guys that would later interview me.

Thought it was rather late in the game for them to just now be reviewing my stuff but whatever. The interview related a lot to my test which was rather awhile ago at this point. I think they produce great quality work here however I think this place suffers from production hell. They tried to sell me on the idea that "we encourage overtime" as if that's a selling point? If you're good at your job you shouldn't stay let just to prove your worth; you should be able to finish your work in 8 hour day.

Got a phone call from HR to set up a first round technical phone interview, saying I would only need a paper and a pen. During the phone interview, the interviewer was clearly rushing to finish as fast as possible. He dove into questions right away without much of an introduction. The HR recruiter estimated the call to last between minutes. It lasted 15 minutes, since there was no pause and he was rushing for the answers.

Overall it left me with a negative impression of this company, since they clearly wanted to get the interviews done as fast as possible. I got another call from HR saying I passed the first round. She didn't sound happy and it was clear she didn't want to be bothered to schedule another interview. She said the same thing as before, "The interview will range from 45min-1hr. Have a paper and pen". When I got the second phone call, the interviewer again dove right into the questions.

This was probably the worst interview I've had to date. After answering a few questions, I got stuck on a question about 3D math. The interviewer was clearly frustrated that I didn't know the answer, and tried to get me to go in the right direction. I could tell he was getting more impatient and I tried to guess how to approach it.

After about a minute he abruptly interrupted and said "All right, that's all the questions I have for you". Keep in mind that this was only 8 minutes into the interview, so apparently he was so annoyed that I couldn't answer one question that he didn't want to waste his breath to ask me any other questions.

Afterwards he hung up without even saying 'bye', so I was just left shocked that he was only willing to give me 8 unfriendly minutes of his time. Overall, worst phone interviews I've had.

I don't think I would ever recommend applying to this company, since the employees I've talked to have attitude issues and are extremely impatient. Good luck to anyone who still wants to work here, I'll put questions below since I definitely will not be applying again to this company. I would highly recommend reading others' reviews of this company since they appear to be behave very unprofessionally.

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Every programmer can pass this first round super easy. She didn't sound happy and it was clear she didn't want to be bothered to schedule another interview. Getting an Interview. Cheerleaders Interview 32 min Dermann - Flag as Inappropriate Flag as Inappropriate.

Naughty interview

Naughty interview

Naughty interview

Naughty interview

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What are your strengths? What are your weaknesses? Why are you the best candidate for us? When were you able to resolve a problem within work? What is your greatest achievement so far? Naughty Dog Interview Questions. Rachelle is a job search expert, career coach, and headhunter who helps everyone from students to fortune executives find success in their career. Question 1 of At Naughty Dog we prefer to hire those with an education in computer science or another related field.

Walk me through your post-secondary education and training. Click To View Answers. How to Answer. Answer Example. Second Answer Example. You have completed 0 answers. The interviewer will likely have an idea of your education background from your resume. What they are asking is for you to take a few minutes to bring the experience to life for them! What was your major? Did you receive any special academic recognition?

Discuss the strengths gained during your post-secondary training and how those skills will be used in your new position with Naughty Dog, Inc.. During that time I specialized in Data Management and Analysis. I graduated with a 3. I also have a great deal of on the job training and certifications, all listed on my resume. One of the biggest take-away's from my post-secondary experience was learning how to manage my time while working on multiple projects successfully. I perfected my multi-tasking skills and look forward to bringing those to work for Naughty Dog, Inc..

Next Question. Get More Interview Practice. Pick your topic. Ask the Interviewer. Questions you may consider asking the interviewer, about We all have some behaviors that are typical of us and whi Common Interview Questions. There are some questions that employers ask at almost eve If you are interviewing for any type of leadership role; Most interviews start with a telephone interview. Everyone struggles with tough interview questions. View more interview questions. Question 2 of What would you consider your technical specialty?

Do you have any particular areas of interest or ability? Talk to the interviewer about your strengths and be sure to highlight any specific skills that you excel in. If there is a related area of interest where you'd like to expand your skills, you can mention those as well. I have a big interest in how network communication improves our daily lives and our overall business efficiency.

I see that you are looking for team members who are experts in network communications which is what caught my eye when I first saw your job posting. Question 3 of We seek to hire highly ambitious people. Where would you like your career with Naughty Dog take you? Have you researched Naughty Dog, Inc. Do they have a variety of departments and management levels, offering you choices when it comes to carving out your career path?

Talk to the interviewer about your career ambitions specifically related to this role and their organization. My biggest ambition is to be awarded a management role in the next years. Ideally, I would like to earn my way into a team lead role, then a division manager position in the digital management department.

Of course, I understand that this will take many years of dedication and hard work. Question 4 of This role with Naughty Dog is highly technical.

What is your understanding of this position and the responsibilities that come with it? Assure the interviewer that you bring a full understanding of the technical requirements attached to this particular job. Keep your answer to the point. The technical requirements that you would like to see are A, B, and C. I am well versed in the tasks and programs you are asking for and am confident that I meet the strict requirements to perform in this role successfully.

I am an expert user in all three of these areas. Do you have any questions about my technical expertise? Question 5 of In your opinion, what has been the biggest advancement in technology this past year? Display to the interviewer that you have an invested interest in the technology industry by discussing your thoughts on recent advancements.

Be sure to include how you stay up to date on industry changes and new technology. The one that stood out most to me was the autopilot software update released by Tesla this year. We truly will have the software for vehicles to be controlled by tech rather than humans. Tech connects most of the modern world, and we can do absolutely everything from our phones these days. Questions 6 through It looks like you aren't a member yet. Get Access to these questions and more by becoming a member!

Upgrade Now. Tell me about the most interesting project you have worked on this year and the biggest thing you learned from it. Discuss with the interviewer one of your recent projects that particularly piqued your interest.

Did it stretch you professionally? What was the biggest takeaway for you from that particular project? Here is an answer example: "In my previous role we were working on a variety of projects with fingerprint recognition software.

Naughty interview