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Naruto vs sora

Sora returned the feelings, and for a while they disliked each other. Nature Type Wind Release. Mountain busting durability is great, but having no shown durability limit is equally impressive, especially considering who they fight. Boomstick: Naruto's Naruto vs sora life was rough. Original spanking stories ended up saving the whole Disney universe, by defeating Twilight Xemnas with Riku, his best friend. Eventually, while struggling to graduate from the Academy, he was tricked into stealing a scroll that a traitorous chuunin wanted for himself. Although he proved skilled with the Chakra Bladeshe learned that Asuma was the one who had killed his father, something that caused him great distress. When Sora was about to kill Naruto, Chiriku stopped him. Niharika Movies. After being deceived by Kazuma, who was disguised as " Furido ", Sora began pursuing his father's goal; to kill the current Hokage and unite the Land of Firebelieving that the country didn't Naruto vs sora "two kings".

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Naruto suddenly came back to his senses, the spell's magic fading. Which cartoon showon for 6 years, only had 1 Christmas episode? The sphere then started to quickly shrink, turning into dust everything inside. Who do you want to win. I mean they were pretty powerful in the Hercules movie, the battle between the gods and the Titans shook the cosmos They were on the middle tier of enemies in strength for Sora. He was knowledgeable and proficient in many kinjutsu capable of reviving the dead. Naruto vs sora suddenly, Naruto teleported Naruto vs sora front of Sora. He decided that the only way he could unite the Land of Fire under one king would be to destroy Konoha, Naruo with its Hokage. He finally realised how Narhto counterattack, and left his KeyBlade in the air, and used the Stop spell. Wiz: Yeaaaah. Boomstick: Naruto knew what to do when facing an opponent as dangerous as Sora, and decided to not joke around. He has since abandoned all forms of moral and emotional attachment to pursue his goals, regardless of who he must sacrifice, as he showed through his use of his own son. What two anime characters did you always want to see battle but they never Gay incontri I forgot the name of a good manga I've like read Xx years ago.? Kazuya Nakai.

Wiz: And it's our job to analyse their weapons, armour and skill to know who would win

  • During the Nine-Tails' attack on Konohagakure , some of its chakra was scattered throughout the village.
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  • Kazuma was once part of the Twelve Guardian Ninja.
  • Wiz: And it's our job to analyse their weapons, armour and skill to know who would win
  • Which form of Naruto?
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With KH3 coming soon I thought it would be fun to bring back this topic, because there was never really a clear winner.

The keyblade wielders of light and darkness, Sora and Riku, vs. Rivals vs Rivals. Both sides have all their abilities they learned up to this point. They also have all feats. Bloodlust on, and morals on too. Naruto has access to his kyuubi form, and Sasuke has access to up to curse mark level 2. Both sides are aiming to kill. Neither sides have any prior knowledge about each other. Again both sides have all forms, abilities, and feats.

Sora has access to all drive forms, and time limits for them are off. Bloodlust on, and this time morals are off for both sides. Both sides have 5 minutes of prep time about each other. Stupid card mechanics. Anyway, Round 1! Strength-wise, they were at best building level and even that is being generous. Meanwhile, Sora beat Hercules who can throw a giant Stone Titan into orbit , and Riku is essentially around the same level.

Speed, an obvious advantage to the KH Team. By the end of KH1, Sora is already at minimum a lightning timer, having dodged it during both his fight against Ursula, as well as during his fight against Xemnas in the secret boss fight down during a cutscene.

Naruto Team, however, were only FTE. Nothing at all to put them in the lightning range. Comparatively, Sora was getting hit with way more firepower. Stamina is tough. He had just gotten the Keyblade, and had no powers up to that point. But typically they fight through it, and Naruto has an insane Chakra reserve.

They are way more tactical, and way more trained. That being said, KH Team are expert combatants. They are naturally gifted in fighting, and this is exemplified by their almost instant usage of their respective Keyblades. Typically the hardest to decide an edge. Sasuke sticks to Chidori, his flame techniques, and of course the Sharingan.

Riku showed all of the same abilities in CoM, as well as the ability to open peoples hearts to darkness, which then devours them.

Sora is cutting through multiple skyscrapers and tossing them around casually though. Still, blowing up mountain ranges trump cutting up skyscrapers.

Speed, KH team. In my opinion, this is the balance shifter. Everybody knows the final feat from KH2 end boss.

OP even has it as the picture above. And that right there, being able to block hundreds of lasers coming at them from every direction, puts Sora and Riku far above Naruto and Sasuke speed-wise. Not much more to say here honestly. Mountain busting durability is great, but having no shown durability limit is equally impressive, especially considering who they fight.

Stamina is still a tie. Sora can fight enemies without breaking a sweat, they both fight bosses without showing fatigue, etc. Naruto and Sasuke at this point are buffed so that Stamina is very rarely an issue. No definitive edge here. Versatility- Much tougher than around 1. Both Naruto and Sasuke got so many new powers, forms, etc. But for every one they get, Sora and Riku get one as well.

Which narrows this down to quality rather than quantity. Too many distinct abilities for me to give an edge. Problem is, that the difference between Strength and Skill between the two teams is not as large as the difference between Speed. Please Log In to post. Don't post to forums Gen. Bring back the main forum list.

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He also becomes quite deceptive, concealing his true identity from Sora and only claiming that he "knew his father". Boomstick: A little announcement: we will end the debate about Sora's ability to use drive forms on his own. Kazuma took advantage of this by collecting the extra chakra. Wiz: While you can argue that Naruto couldn't stand being hit only once by Sora, you need to recall that Naruto overpowered easily an attack capable of slicing the moon in half. Do you like this video?

Naruto vs sora

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Naruto vs sora