Mommy mistakes-10 Reasons You Shouldn't Worry About Making Mistakes As A Mother

Being a mom is one of the hardest jobs and that moms sign up for without any official training. Moms learn everything by themselves on their journey to motherhood and become the best judge for their babies. However, in this learning curve, we all make mistakes, and we learn from our mistakes. First-time parents tend to make more mistakes with babies that may seem normal without any significant consequences, but in some cases, they could have an impact. Newborn care can be tricky sometimes, although it may seem simple and easy.

Mommy mistakes

Mommy mistakes

Mommy mistakes

Trust me, your kid already has. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and I really appreciate your suggestion. Kat on October 10, at am. Moreover, if you still feel your baby does not Mommy mistakes sucking on her hands after a feed, you may try introducing a pacifier. She'll be scarred for life, I thought, especially if that black ink doesn't come off her arms. It goes away in a miistakes days on its own. So you also sleep better to fight your sleep deprivation and function better misfakes the day. Once your baby is Mommy mistakes few weeks old and is eating fine during the day, Black hardcore tit her sleep at night to establish a goodnight routine.

Rosethumb tgp. Mistakes new moms could make with newborn babies

Thank you for sharing your insights! It is usually cleared up within 24 hours! Bekah on October 10, at pm. Mady on October 11, at am. Find out some healthy information about what you should expect when you have a newborn coming soon. Ana S on February 15, at pm. Overfeeding will cause your baby to spit up. Read about what products you must have if you are Mommy mistakes two under 2. Not starting to establish a sleeping routine While most experts recommend starting sleep training when your baby is between 4 and 6 Mommy mistakes old. Urban Mamaz is an online blog — magazine that appeals to ambitious women who wish to fulfill themselves in their lives in every field they love without restrictions or special conditions. A white noise machine will help Mommy mistakes you and your Ass in not get some good sleep. Thank you Mary! There is nothing Last minute fhm turkije breastmilk for babies, and it should be the priority but, there could be numerous other factors for not having enough feed or baby not eating enough.

They say that being a new mom is the hardest job you will ever love to have.

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  • Being a mom is one of the hardest jobs and that moms sign up for without any official training.
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They say that being a new mom is the hardest job you will ever love to have. In preparation for a new baby, moms will seek out advice and information in how to be the best parent they can be.

That is a goal that most moms strive towards. It is an impossible goal, as there is no perfect parent. This thought alone can set new moms up for failure, and they are left feeling awful and like the worst parent.

There are things moms can never understand until they become that mother and endure first hand the trials and tribulations in being a new mom.

Most of the time, they are minor mistakes with no real consequences, but sometimes the best of us can make these big mistakes that more experienced moms forget to tell us about. Most of the mistakes that are on this list have more to do with self-care than with actual safety mistakes, but they can be just as crucial.

I can almost guarantee that some if not most moms have made at least one of these mistakes, and you know what, own it! Be proud that you are not perfect and learn from it and share your experience with other fellow new or expecting mamas out there, they will appreciate it!

New babies take up a lot of attention, A LOT! Moms spend so much time focused on their new little one attending to their needs and wants that not only do they neglect themselves but they also neglect their partner. It is common for new moms to forget the term partner as they often feel a lot of the parenting burden falls on them. They often forget that their spouse is there to help them. It can be quite easy for moms to, unintentionally, neglect their spouse and just assume that this is their life now.

This can be very damaging to the relationship and in turn successful parenting. There was an article written about why wives should love their husband more than their children, and while it may seem shocking at first the article had a great point. You create this relationship with your spouse, you build a relationship and possibly a marriage and then children come into the picture and it disappears.

We raise children to be successful adults out in the real world who contribute to society and then we as parents are left empty nested, but we still have our spouse. So, call up a grandparent, sister or good friend and please go out on that date night! Moms are superheroes.

Plain and simple, they really are. They carry this little baby for 9 months; they go through hours of agonizing labour and they spend so much time and energy caring for these little babies.

Moms do not stop! It is very common and likely that moms will put themselves last to ensure that their child has everything. This is one of the most common and easiest mistakes to make when you are a new mom. Let dad have some bonding time and enjoy a bath and a good book. And the baby has been awake and screaming for quite some time now. You are sleep-deprived, hungry and at what seems like the end of your mommy rope.

You start to cry, no, you start to SOB! Understandably so, but as hard as it may be to do, it is at this moment that a new mom must stay calm. There are many reasons why shedding the Atlantic Ocean at these times can be a grave mistake.

Babies are very perceptive, so crying at this point is NOT going to help the baby stop crying. Babies are in tune with no one more than they do their mother especially if they are a breastfed baby so baby will sense that something is not right with mommy and will continue to be upset. We also know the pain that comes with a good cry, the headaches, the sore and scratchy eyes and even chest pain, add all this to a sleep deprived mommy means nothing good.

You, yourself will feel worse and even less capable of dealing with the situation. What you can do at times like these is take a mini-mental break. Crying for a few minutes will not harm your baby, place them in a safe space and just take a moment, even just a few seconds and breath slowly in and out and count to ten.

If you are in a calm space, you will be more equipped to assist your little one. After a new arrival, family and friends will seem to come in waves to see the little one.

Often, they may if they are good visitors bring meals or ask if there is anything they can do to help you. Moms seem to almost be embarrassed to ask friends of family to throw a load of laundry in, wash the floors or do the dishes, but this can be a big mistake.

New moms do not need to be superheroes, even though they often feel like they should be. They just pushed a watermelon-sized human being out, who they have to care for with their full being so I think we can agree they are already superheroes.

Accept the help, most visitors understand and want to help the new mom in some way. Another big mistake new moms make is not asking for help. Or, if they are really nice, ask them to mind the baby while you take a nap. Most people will not mind, trust us. I think this is one we have all done. When you become a new mom, you start making friends with other new moms, whether at the park or at a mom and me class.

Usually with moms who have babies that are at a similar age as our little ones. Should you make an appointment with the pediatrician? The answer to this is usually NO!

The common consensus from doctors is that all babies develop at their own pace and reach milestones at different times.

Babies are surprising creatures, and all grow at different times and rates. There are even cases of babies skipping milestones all together and everything being completely normal. Some babies go right to walking and forget the crawling stage. While babies develop at different times, it could also be due to their personality, some babies are more outgoing than others, while others are more laid back. All this is going to accomplish is to add un necessary worry that new moms do not need! When moms are expecting we accept the fact that we will always worry about our children.

However, we do not understand the amount or intensity of worry that we have for our children, especially our newborns. It is normal to worry, it is even normal to worry too much, but this can be another no-no.

Too much worry will make anyone ill. Worrying too much can cause high anxiety, even panic attacks. It can interfere with your lifestyle in ways such as loss of appetite, relationship issues and poor sleeping habits.

As a mom, I can recall nights with my newborn when I lost a lot of my opportunities to sleep. There are many things we know about babies, they are cute, they cry and they poop, a lot. We also know that in the first week or two of their lives they are immobile.

You put them somewhere and they stay, right? Moms need to put their babies down at some point, that is unavoidable, they need to go to the washroom or grab a bite to eat. It is where moms put their baby that can be a mistake. It is assuming that newborn babies are immobile that can cause an accident. We may place baby on a couch nestled into a nursing pillow and go to the washroom, and the baby may roll or jerk and end up falling off the couch.

This has happened. It was not a mistake made from neglect, but one of a mom going on the assumption that her newborn was not going to go anywhere. Moms need to always place their baby in a confined space if leaving them for a minute. In their crib, bassinet or even on the floor as weird as that may be. Place them somewhere that you know they are not going anywhere. Sleep when the baby sleeps! This is probably one of the most common pieces of advice given to new and expecting moms.

But, it is often the most ignored advice. This is a HUGE mistake. Unless you are like me and an awful napper, there is no reason why you should not be sleeping when baby is sleeping. You are probably sitting there while baby is napping and saying in your head, well I should do some laundry, or those dishes that are piling up, or any other household chore that has fallen on the back burner, but all that stuff can wait!

Please, let it wait. All the dishes, laundry and mess will still be there when baby wakes up, but you will not get that sleep back. Sleep deprivation is no laughing matter with a newborn, and new moms need every precious moment of slumber to power through! When can you get those chores done? When baby is awake and alert bring them with you and place them in a bouncer and talk to them, stimulate them and explain what you are doing as a way of introducing them to language!

Time seems to speed up when you have a baby, they grow so fast! While that is true it is not what I am talking about. Time seems to speed up for just about everything. Running to the store before babies next feed, getting out of the mall while your baby is having a good old cry or even trying to get out of the house to go to a doctors appointment. There is an immense amount of pressure on moms, so rushing is something that is completely understandable.

However, this is a mistake, there was a mother who while in the shopping mall was rushing to get out of the mall and decided to take her stroller down the escalator instead of searching for a nearby elevator. Escalators are not supposed to be used by strollers and it was proven why when the stroller nearly flipped over.

This may seem to many people as common sense, but in a moment of rushing it can be very easy for judgement to lack. Please moms, take your time its ok! Car seats were a wonderful invention, they provided a safe space to place your baby in the car to ensure safety when out driving around.

Maya on November 11, at pm. Once milk supply settles in, your baby starts gaining weight. I wash my baby with Weleda and Mustela which are super sensitive and highly recommended! This post talks about a few potential new parent mistakes, that may seem harmless, but it could have temporary consequences that require professionals advice. Kat on October 10, at am.

Mommy mistakes

Mommy mistakes

Mommy mistakes

Mommy mistakes

Mommy mistakes

Mommy mistakes. Things Moms Shouldn’t Do With The Newborn


I Am More Than My Mom Mistakes - Her View From Home

From preventing my tired kid from napping to not making him share, I'm guilty as charged. Luckily, you don't need to be perfect in order to raise a great child. My month-old son, Austin, however, has one he loves more: "lollipop. I've sunk into this sticky situation by using the pops to sucker Austin and his 3-year-old sister, Avery, into getting dressed, sitting still, and putting on their shoes.

I know it's bad, and even though I've confided in my friends -- who have in turn confessed their own bad mommy moments -- I can neither stop nor feel okay about doing it. But while venting can be empowering, it doesn't erase nagging shadows of failure. In the interest of assisting moms, I offered up several real-life scenarios and posed them to top experts.

Their advice will explain why you shouldn't stress -- and how to move past your parenting pitfalls. Getting Avery to take a midday snooze session has been a battle since she was born. For years, I fought long and hard to get her to sleep for at least an hour while she protested in any way she could: screaming, banging her head, and even once vaulting out of her crib.

Then one day I discovered that no shut-eye also meant no fight at bedtime. Sure, I had to endure a cranky afternoon. If she started to drift off, I'd immediately wake her up by tickling her or playing loud music, even though I knew she could use the extra shut-eye. But passing on her nap ensured that Avery passed right out by 7 P.

Even with some younger kids, if napping clearly interferes with the ability to fall asleep at a reasonable evening hour -- by P. And what if she's not getting the 11 to 13 hours a day she needs? On average, preschoolers fall short in the snooze department, logging 9. Yes, I admit it, I'm the mom who didn't keep her kid home until she was totally better and then got the call ordering me to come fetch her immediately because her temperature was a scalding ?

Mortified, I rushed Avery to the pediatrician, who lectured me about always waiting 24 fever-free hours to reintroduce her to the outside world.

And it's hard to know if they're getting ill or getting over something. Just do the best you can," says Tanya Remer Altmann, M. Once she's been on antibiotics for 24 hours, it's probably okay for her to return to school as long as she seems up to it.

Even if some of the symptoms are still lingering she's unlikely to be contagious, according to Dr. Two weeks ago, I left Avery coloring in the family room while I went to the kitchen to make coffee. Exactly 90 seconds later, I returned to find her limbs covered in ballpoint pen -- as was our beige sofa.

I snapped, snatched a sponge, and scolded her loudly enough for the neighbors to hear. As her face crumpled into tears, I immediately felt awful too. She'll be scarred for life, I thought, especially if that black ink doesn't come off her arms.

It did. The good news? Blowing your stack once in a while can actually be a good thing: "Children need to see that parents aren't perfect," says Dr. Yay to that! Going forward, try to stop things from escalating by allowing yourself a brief time-out. If possible, close your eyes and take slow, cleansing breaths for a minute -- not only will you feel calmer, you'll also be modeling self-soothing for your child.

If she sees you deal with your anger this way, she'll start to use it as a technique when she feels mad or frustrated. Bringing a rainbow-colored kickball to the park seemed like a great idea. But moments after Austin lifted it from under the stroller, a swarm of toddlers appeared, each vying for a chance to get their grubby little hands on it.

Most of the time I'm all about taking turns, but in this case I literally stooped low enough to bat a 4-year-old's hands away -- and not gently -- as he attempted to nab the ball. Sure, but 15 minutes later, as I recounted the story to my husband, I felt ridiculous. Seriously, what kind of mom spars with toddlers? But no matter what age kid you have, it's usually better not to bring playthings to the park that are bound to be total kid magnets.

Even the most easygoing turn-takers can get freaked out if other children are grabbing for their treasured stuff. In the meantime, get his learning on at his next playdate: Try setting a timer. Explain that one child will have a chance to play with the toy until the "beep," and then it's the other kid's turn. Keep the intervals short -- no more than one or two minutes.

You can keep setting and resetting at quicker intervals, so by the end half the challenge is being able to move the object back and forth quickly enough. By Caroline Schaefer.

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Mommy mistakes