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You are invited to a very special Royal Wedding…. This is a different wedding altogether! But here I am now, doing the sharing! Whoo hoo! The front of the tin is the beginning of the story.

Invitation altoid tin

Invitation altoid tin

Invitation altoid tin

Invitation altoid tin

Invitation altoid tin

Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Hello Soozy. You are a crafting genius! Make a guitar out of it. Glue thin pieces of felt to prevent scratches on the camera. So Breast development pills on… hide your love inside some pages, Invitation altoid tin your future generations to find, and… Polymer Clay All things Polymer and mixed media with Polymer Ranger Melting Pot Invitation altoid tin made items using the Ranger Melting Pot Craft Products I Recommend Handmade Cards Handmade cards — in various styles and themes, for all Invitayion of reasons and occassions. Share this:. It means something different to everyone. Sure enough!

Diana mature post. Creating a magical, wide webbed world, one beautifully handmade item at a time. ©

What a brilliant idea. Make a Guitar. Use your Altoids tin to make a miniature book report. Make a decision making kit A miniature chair made Invitation altoid tin of an Altoids tin. Altoids tin as external battery pac k. How about the sides of the bottom? Repeat the same procedure for the sides of the bottom, and the interior of the lid:. Make a Electronics Lab. Make a stamp dispenser The alcohol inks are new Invitaiton me! Hi Rupa! This would make aotoid fun swap.

I love Altoid tins and knew that someday I would find something creative to do with them.

  • Hello Graphics Fairy friends!
  • My favorite mint is Altoids, but what to do with the tins?
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You are invited to a very special Royal Wedding…. This is a different wedding altogether! But here I am now, doing the sharing! Whoo hoo! The front of the tin is the beginning of the story. The bodice of the Wedding Gown was made from lightweight, air dry clay. The Fairy Ballet Shoes you can see hanging from the knob, next to the mirror, are also made by me, and are roughly about a third of the size of a penny. The dress is festooned with soft pink and red flowers, with bits of greenery here and there.

It has a sparkly ribbon around the waist, and a petticoat made from white cheesecloth fabric. The skirt of the dress is topped off with two layers of pure white, fine, Tulle. The shoulder straps on the bodice are satin. The tree which the dress is hanging from was made from a Pine twiggy bit which I found in my garden, which has been drying out for weeks in my craft room.

I really enjoyed making this lovely altered Tin, and would love to make one like it again at some point. But making a different sort of dress next time.

I have a million thoughts about what sort of dress and how it might look. But … this tin was quite an intensive make. Thank you so much for coming, and for having a coffee moment with me. I love seeing you here. As always. I love your company and love to chat with you, so please feel welcome to comment. Let me know what you think. Really truly beautiful. You really have the patience for those teeny tiny things, but I do want to try a tin myself, just not sure what would be inside.

I am so late tonight getting my bath and into my jammies and knit. I have to learn to do blood glucose testing at home with him. Like Liked by 1 person. Hello Soozy.

Lovely to see you. But then, I do feel that some vets charge well over the odds for their consulting fees and medications.

I hope that at some point you get enough time to make one of these tins for yourself. Thank you for visiting, and for your lovely comment. Sending much love to you, and to Stan. Like Like. Squidges, Anna x. Hello Anna. Tanhk you so much for coming Anna, and for you lovely comment. Bless your heart. Wishing you a beautiful Monday. Well, I think Megan Markle that was missed a trick — she should have asked you to make her dress!

What a divine concoction — dainty and detailed fit for a princess of any description! A wonderful creation! Like Liked by 3 people. It was so elegant and stylish.

Your healing thoughts via a dragonfly courier … what an enchantment you have delivered with your words. I shall have the incredible, beautiful vision in my mind for days. Love it Sam, and you too. Thank you so much for coming and sharing a coffee moment with me. This is just so very lovely Cobs. You are a crafting genius! I do hope your health improves. Keeping up with other peoples blogs is not easy and your health is most important. I shall be off to the beach in the sunshine in an hour or so….

Hello Daisies. I so enjoyed making it. Bless you for coming and for the lovely comment. I too hope that the health improves … and quickly! Wishing you a truly beautiful time at the beach. Thank you for coming, my lovely blogging friend. Love the tin and of course it is all perfectly Cobs. If only……. How was the tea party… and Mr. Cobs visitor. Give Mr. Cobs and little Cob a great big hug. I know, I know,,,,I have a lot of catching up to do…do have photos just need to get things done.

Love to all…. We put up Triangular bunting of Union Jacks — some outside the cottage and some in. Finger sandwiches just like the Queen has , little individual quiches so easy to make that it makes me embarrassed when people tell me how lovely they are!

Little Cobs would have made you melt …. Bless his little heart. I shall give both boys a hug from you. Tickled pink that you like the tin. You could make altered art in tins Bev. There are so many things you can do in a tin to make it into something that others would love to display.

Have a go. Go to Pinterest and see what other folks are doing in Altoids tins. It will fill your boots with idea! Thank you for coming, lovely friend, and for the fabulous comment. Have a blessed rest of your day. Now my crafty vibes have shot off the scale! I hope you get to do your idea, and that you share it with us all. Why thank you, kind sir. Of course …. I wear the dress to watch Eastenders. It seems the right thing to do. Thank you so much Tom.

It means the world to me to hear your thoughts. Have a blessed rest of your day! Well, this is just adorable to the nth degree, Cobs! Love the roses and spangles and the teeny tiny shoes! Thank you for the mention, and for sharing these utterly enchanting tins. Hello GillyF! Thank you so much for coming, and for the lovely comment. Aww Cobs, what a fantastic wedding dress for a wonderful fairy princess!

It must take you an age to make something that small. Absolute masterpriece. Hello Kim! As for me making you a wedding dress …. Thank you so much for coming Kim, and for the fabulous comment.

If you like, add strips of leather or brown card stock to simulate straps and a handle. What a great way to keep everyone entertained while waiting for the food to be served next time you eat out. How about the sides of the bottom? Make a portable media player Make a pocket sized pool table 9.

Invitation altoid tin

Invitation altoid tin

Invitation altoid tin. Primary Sidebar

Use to make a portable BBQ. Make a flashlight. Make a Electronics Lab. Make a Martini yep with Olive. Make Art. Make An Advent Calendar. Make a Wallet. Make a Man Valet Love this one.

Make a Dart Gun. Make a Survival Kit. Make a Snack Kit. Make an MP3. Make a postage stamp holder. Craft Reuse. How To Reuse and Empty Altoids. Decorating tins with polymer clay. I use my old Altoid tins in the garage for storing different items, they are just the right size and they stack so well! I should use some of the Altoids tins to store my magnet Scrabble pieces, while attaching a strong magnet on the tin.

I love all the crafts for Altoid twins. However I do not empty twins fast. Place the Antique End Paper face down on top of it , and use your fingers to trace along the contours of the bottom of the box. Dry-fit your lower lining piece, and make any necessary adjustments:.

Following the same procedures, create a panel that will cover the inner lid , and the inner sides of the base. Note: Do not add paper to the inner sides of the lid , as this will make it impossible to close your tin properly. Use rubbing alcohol to clean your fingers. Carefully place your background papers onto the glue, and smooth with your fingers or a tool. Repeat the same procedure for the sides of the bottom, and the interior of the lid:.

Glue down, using the same slightly watery mixture of glue, and smooth into place:. Apply extra glue to the edges of the fun foam, and coax the paper to follow the curve by pressing firmly with your fingers. Either measure and cut, or use the finger-tip-creasing method to create strips to cover the exterior sides. Glue them in place. Using fine tipped scissors, fussy cut around the edges of the children in this group portrait, printed on white cardstock:.

If you like, add strips of leather or brown card stock to simulate straps and a handle. FabriTac is the perfect adhesive for this application. Be careful not to place any embellishments where they might interfere with the closing of your tin. Use your imagination, and tell a little story with your images!

Thank you so much for joining me today for this little Altered Altoids Tin Craft project…I hope you find this process as enjoyable as I do. Hi Steph! Thanks for your sweet comment I love that bird, too Have a lovely day. Wow, thanks for solving the embossed lid problem so easily! Beautiful creation! Hi Patricia! It took me a while to figure out how to deal with the embossing…this was idea number 7!

It was huge fun working on this little guy, and I look forward to many more in the future. Thanks for stopping by! This came out so cute. I love making tins. Thanks so much for the lid idea. Love the suitcase idea. These would make a fun swap. This would make a fun swap. Thanks for the inspiration. Charming box. Perfect solution for the embossing. Thanks for the tutorial.

ArtGlitterBlog: Dazzling Summer Altoid Tin by Cheryl Waters

I love Altoid tins and knew that someday I would find something creative to do with them. Sure enough! There you are! And, what a great invitation! If I received an invitation like this, I would definitely want to go to that party! I would know in advance that it's going to be fun! Thanks so much for sharing this clever idea!!! Cheryl - What a fantastic idea! I just love this, what a super job you've done. Love all the sparkle the glitter gives.

Elaine Allen. The glitter really made it all come together with a real wow!! Thanks for sharing Cheryl. This is a great project Cheryl - we don't have altoids over here but have plenty of little tins we can use instead - love your glittery water and your eyelet bubbles inside - TFS TracyM I am not at all surprised that you created such a fantastic invitation!

I love it and I love the new chunky glitter. Thanks for the inspiration. Sandy Summer is Around the Corner In the stores we see summer preparation.

I love summer actually I love all the seasons as it is a time where people gather around outdoor activities. I wanted to share with you a little invitation idea I put together recycling an Altoid tin. I made several different ones but wanted to share this particular one. This one serves as an invitation envelope but is a great idea for a gift card holder or just even as a little something set on a desk with a photo in it. Take desired patterned paper and trace with a pencil the shape of the Altoid tin.

Cut out. I used my Fiskars microtip scissors especially when doing a lot of precision cutting. Do this for the top and bottom of the tin. Once the adhesive is fairly dry sand off the excess paper from the edges. Add rubons, embellishments and layer if desired. Here I used rubons and then I layered my elements with pop dots for a more 3-D effect. The inside cover of the Altoid tin can constructed by tracing the outside once again.

Then placing it inside the tin and creasing it. Once you find the crease, trim as necessary. After such a time, simply place down using Designer Dries Clear adhesive and embellish. On my fan I used the lovely color Fiskateer are going to love this color of Jamaica. I placed a small invite into the little altered box and invited neighbors for a pool party.

Other ideas could include a thank you with a Starbucks gift card, a tea time for the ladies or any gift card for that matter. Oh so yummy and perfect for summer layouts and projects. Labels: dazzlers , designer dries clear adhesive , glitter craft , glitter project , guest designers. Constance April 27, at AM. Elaine A April 27, at AM. JWood April 27, at AM. Tona April 27, at PM. Donna April 28, at AM. Karin Hall April 28, at AM. Rachel M May 17, at PM. Donna May 17, at PM. Newer Post Older Post Home.

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Invitation altoid tin

Invitation altoid tin

Invitation altoid tin