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Bandai planned to release this video game on August 16, in North America , but it was postponed to August 24 [ citation needed ] due to the Miyagi earthquake. It was released in Japan on June 16, Here is a list of playable characters, characters in italics have to be unlocked throughout story mode. In Inuyasha: Feudal Combat , up to four characters, two per team, may be present at once in a battle, however, two player characters cannot be on the same team. IE: Player 1 as main fighter; Player 2 as their partner Both the player and opponent may each select another character as their partner.

Inuyasha miroku stories

Inuyasha miroku stories

There's a plot here. Miroku has an open heart and thinks more about others than himself, naturally being very unselfish. Miroku stating in his confession to her that was the problem; Lesbian picas inability to see her as an ordinary woman and more of a comrade, a woman he fought alongside. Sango is left thinking that Melbourne vanessa escort was placed second in importance. In addition to his intense curiosity, he takes an objective view on things. Miroku is a pacifist, and even if someone challenges him like Inuyasha did when he first Inuyasha miroku stories himhe'll run if there is no need to fight. Similarly, magic seems to have lost its overall effectiveness and barely has a presence when it comes to the modern world. Inuyasha miroku stories being said, there were a few things storles Inuyasha that just don't make a lot of sense when you get right down to it.

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Disclaimer: I do not own the Inuyasha franchise. Plush soft beds, food that never failed to satisfy, plenty of room to play, and a loving Mother who loves them all. Then just when things are falling into a pattern, some of the missing return. Remember Me. It wasn't new Bi gay men in texas anything to her. Caminos Cruzados by Haruhi suzumiya17 reviews Alguna vez has sentido que tu camino se cruza Inuyasha miroku stories las personas menos indicado pues a mi me a pasado primero Inuyasha y ahora el quien esta vivo gracias a la shikon, pero por primera vez quiero luchar por aquello que quiero y yo Kagome quiero estar al lado de bankotsu. After putting the backpack on her back, Kagome started Inuyasha miroku stories stand up then Shippo jumped on her shoulder. Mostly inumir. Summary: Kagome gets the Inu gang to help her with her poetry assignment for school. Carefully she dabbed it on his shaft, she made it seem like it would bite her from the way she was doing it. Enchanted by akitokihojo reviews "A thud in his chest, a swelling in his diaphragm. Kagome was lying with Shippo on the sleeping bag, watching Inuyasha.

In Mushin 's temple [1].

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  • Kagome lets go of her love towards Inuyasha and finds new love with the one, half demon, she never thought she would.
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In Mushin 's temple [1]. Spiritual Powers Kazaana Inactive after Naraku's death. Affections Touching Across Time. InuYasha PlayStation. The InuYasha Wiki has related images. His paternal grandfather was cursed fifty years ago by Naraku , leading to the creation of the Kazaana , which was destined to be passed down to all of his male descendants, including Miroku himself.

Miroku was raised and trained by his father's friend who became his guardian when his father was swallowed by his Kazaana, an event Miroku witnessed alongside Mushin.

The status of his mother is left unknown. His paternal grandfather was cursed by Naraku who, in the past, had fought together many times and each time Naraku appeared to him in a different form. Though Miyatsu was a powerful monk, he was also a lecherous man; which Naraku used to his advantage. Naraku took the form of a beautiful maiden in order to catch Miyatsu off guard.

When Naraku revealed himself, the battle between the two foes began. Whilst battling Naraku, Miyatsu was pierced though the hand - creating the Wind Tunnel. The wind tunnel would grow bigger as time passes, and eventually will overgrow the victim's hand, which will suck in the victim and tear them apart.

This curse has been passed down from father to son, and thus eventually to Miroku. Miroku is able to control the wind tunnel by sealing it with prayer beads. Prior to meeting Inuyasha and Kagome , Miroku traveled the countryside performing as he viewed it his Buddhist duties towards the people he meets on his journey.

In addition to these duties, Miroku is constantly searching for Naraku, the being that cursed his family with the Kazaana; for if he does not find and destroy Naraku, then he will be consumed by the curse as his father and grandfather were before him.

Near the end of the series, his Kazaana reaches its limit and Naraku plans on forcing him use it one final time so that he will suffer his father and grandfather's tragic fates. However, as Naraku meets his gradual defeat, his Wind Tunnel begins to close before vanishing altogether. He spied on Kagome at the time, noticing she carried a large shard of the Shikon Jewel with her. Because of Inuyasha's presence, Miroku saw he had no chance of stealing the jewel.

When Inuyasha followed him to take it back, Miroku threatened him with the Wind Tunnel. However, Kagome, who remembered Miroku alerting the villagers in advance of his using the Wind Tunnel, threw herself at him as he had it open, risking being consumed by it, forcing him to close it.

Regaining consciousness, Miroku groped Kagome, making her order Inuyasha to kill him. He decided to travel with them, but not before trying to persuade Kagome into having his child to carry on his family mission to destroy Naraku.

She is stunned by this offer, followed by Inuyasha threatening Miroku to never make advances towards her again. Soon afterwards, Miroku collected three more shards of the jewel when he temporarily left the group. He reunited with Inuyasha and Kagome when he was, to his surprise, actually performing an exorcism.

He watched as Inuyasha destroyed the ink pot with a jewel shard in it and the painter be consumed by the very paint he desired. Kagome gave him modern medicine to counteract the poison.

Miroku was forced to break concentration on a barrier hiding Inuyasha's hut to keep Kaede from being harmed by a spear Naraku sent flying at them. He watched in amazement as Kagome returned, who told them of someone nearby with several jewel shards. It was at this time, Miroku encountered Naraku, his family enemy and the one who cursed him with the Wind Tunnel.

Naraku released a Cloud of Destruction, forcing him to evacuate Kagome and Kaede from the area. After Inuyasha failed to kill Naraku, Miroku learned of a spider-shaped burn mark on Naraku's back that would serve as his calling card. Miroku may be lecherous at times, but that doesn't stop him from finding true love. However, they found the village completely destroyed and all the residents dead.

She mistook Inuyasha for the village's attacker due to Naraku manipulating her. However, upon Naraku's defeat, they discovered that he was no more than a demon puppet , controlled by the real Naraku. As Sango recovered from her wounds, Miroku restrained himself and kept all lecherous actions from occurring, showing that even he has self-restraint when it comes to being a lecher.

During Sango's recuperation, the group learned of the Shikon Jewel's origin in a cave in the village. When Sango recovered from her injuries and emotionally healed from her family and comrades deaths, Miroku resumed his lecherous attitude and continuously tried groping her.

However, he received painful slaps and other beatings for doing such; however, he didn't seem to mind. Arriving at a village home to a Water God demanding human sacrifices, the group exposed the Water God as a fake that stole the Trident of Amakoi from the real Water Goddess. Miroku helped rescue her and resisted his natural lecherous tendencies out of fear of divine punishment.

Seeking help, Miroku went to Master Mushin 's temple to get the old drunk's help in repairing the damage; here Miroku revises the "grave" of the father, a chasm caused by the suction of Kazaana that killed him. Miroku escaped to his father's grave and put up a barrier. When the barrier fell, Inuyasha and the others showed up to save him. Upon awakening after Mushin mending his Wind Tunnel, Miroku couldn't help but fake out Sango to grope her.

This gesture is very much appreciated by Sango. Furthermore, Sango now seems in love with him. Upon being accused of visiting villages and performing fake exorcisms, Miroku ended up being chased out of them; however, he claimed to be innocent of all wrongdoing on this occasion.

When questioning Hachi about how he got girls to go crazy for him while in disguise, Miroku learned indifference is the key. Sango gave chase, but both pretended not to be him, insisting that the other was Miroku. Hachi reminded Miroku of his advice, but Miroku knew it wouldn't work for him. After encountering the Shichinintai , Miroku came to believe that Naraku was hiding inside of Mount Hakurei as it was the perfect place to recover as most of those after him could not get inside without consequence.

Despite initially having some trouble entering himself, only he, Sango and Kagome could enter the barrier without trouble. Sango was knocked unconscious by her own weapon, forcing Miroku to carry it and her to safety.

Though Kagura taunted him by saying he could save himself by abandoning Sango, Miroku declared that he is willing to sacrifice himself for the woman he loves, and opened the Wind Tunnel and sucking in the poisonous insects, surprising Kagura.

While thinking they were going to die, Miroku heard Sango confess her feelings to him, but was shocked when she forgot moments later. They meet the reanimated Hakushin , and Miroku decides to suck him into the Wind Tunnel as he would not let the barrier down. With great effort, Miroku manages to deform the sacred barrier, and to weaken drastically with Wind Tunnel, forcing Hakushin to retire.

Miroku and Sango succeed in finding Naraku temporarily, but lose sight of him when Kagura attacks. Even more strange, the remains began turning into infant-like clumps of flesh. Suddenly all the clumps of flesh began falling down into the darkness with Miroku and Sango following, but Kirara caught them.

Miroku warned Inuyasha that Naraku's power had grown significantly since their last battle, but was ignored. Once outside, Miroku watched as the mountain crumbled into nothing. When Inuyasha took off to investigate, Miroku, Sango and Kagome were captured by soldiers under the orders of a Lady. Sango managed to cut the ropes tied around her with a hidden blade in her sleeve.

She retrieved her and Miroku's weapons and freed him also. As they did not wish to kill humans, Miroku and Sango found themselves having trouble, knocking them out.

They later discovered that the Lady and the priest were in fact being controlled by Kagura's Dance of the Dead. Rescuing Kagome from Naraku's latest trap, Miroku quickly deduced Naraku's newest incarnation, an Infant, was born of Onigumo's heart; however, it was not Onigumo himself, he was left behind in Mount Hakurei. Kagura and the Infant were forced to retreat, but not before warning that they would keep trying to use Kagome's eyes to find the remaining Shikon Jewel shards.

Hearing about a village of demon women who skinned their victims, Miroku was delighted to come across a village of women who had lost their loved ones in war. Having not sensed any demonic aura , Miroku began flirting with any woman he could find; however, he instantly detected the "scent of death" from Sango, who wanted to leave and continue the search. He doesn't want to stay in the village anymore because he had hoped to spend some time with the women.

He's left gloomy and disappointed for a while. Hakurei, with him and Sango. Miroku hands them sutras and tells them how to break the women out of their trance. He then learned Sango had vanished after going after the women on her own; he found Kirara, completely soaked. Miroku gave sutras to Kagome, tasking her with saving the other women and rode Kirara into the marsh underneath the water.

Much to his surprise, he was attacked by Hiraikotsu ; Sango had been forced to swallow a salamander egg. He admitted she was a "fearsome opponent" and thought he was going to die. When everyone else learned what happened to Sango, they scolded him as it was his own fault due to his flirting. Miroku could only laugh nervously; it takes a lot to break bad habits. They all yell at Mushin that he will be completely safe, for he doesn't exactly have high spiritual power.

Coming across in temple of Master Shinsen that had recently been attacked, the attacker's identity was revealed to be Kagura and the Infant ; however, the Infant had been split in half. Miroku helped save Inuyasha by using the Wind Tunnel to pull their weapons off target. Miroku offered to protect a village in exchange for food and boarding. No sooner had he finished his usual line, demon birds descended upon the village and they met Princess Abi , the demon birds' master.

She fled soon after escaping the Wind Scar. Because of the demon birds' attacks, word soon spread of Saint Hijiri , who could protect others from the birds. Their original goal was to track down the demon birds' nests, yet they ended up searching for Saint Hijiri. They hear a rumor about this place in the forest where Hijiri may be, and they set off towards it.

Seeing Kagome run off on her own, Miroku stops fighting to chase after her, intending to stop her. He lost her once she passed a barrier he couldn't, and disappeared. That night, Miroku comforts a distressed Sango by simply being next to her.

Summary: InuGenki begins to hit it off well with a priestess named Mitsuki whom he met at the Bone eater's well. How was she going to explain this one off? Kagome will die. It wasn't so bad, but good-byes are still hard Summary: Kagome soon finds herself in lots of trouble, when she is bitten by Sesshomaru on the night of the full moon mating.

Inuyasha miroku stories

Inuyasha miroku stories

Inuyasha miroku stories

Inuyasha miroku stories

Inuyasha miroku stories. Gallery Folders


INUYASHA | InuYasha | Kagome, inuyasha, Inuyasha, Anime

Bandai planned to release this video game on August 16, in North America , but it was postponed to August 24 [ citation needed ] due to the Miyagi earthquake. It was released in Japan on June 16, Here is a list of playable characters, characters in italics have to be unlocked throughout story mode. In Inuyasha: Feudal Combat , up to four characters, two per team, may be present at once in a battle, however, two player characters cannot be on the same team.

IE: Player 1 as main fighter; Player 2 as their partner Both the player and opponent may each select another character as their partner. There are four modes of gameplay, including Story, Mission, Battle, and Practice modes. When the Spirit Gauge is full, a special Finishing Move can be performed.

Each character's basic Finishing Move can be activated by pressing and holding the circle button. But when a character is fighting alongside a partner and the duo reaches Great affinity, pressing circle will trigger a combined Finishing Move, a combined team attack between the two characters.

Those combinations are:. Four different formations the different ways the player's partner can assist the player can be selected during the battle: Wind formation partner mimics the actions of the player , Forest formation the player and the partner are always targeted on different opponents , Mountain formation partner stays between the player and opponent and blocks enemy attacks or Fire formation both player and partner focus on the same opponent and attack continuously.

The Fire and Mountain formations also increase the strength and defense of the player and partner, respectively. Also, some characters will have a certain affinity from the start. For example, Inuyasha and Koga will have a low affinity, however, Inuyasha and Kagome will have a high affinity. These consist of a series of battles interlaced with cut scenes illustrating a story.

If the player is KO'd knocked out in one of these battles, a screen with the option to reattempt the last battle is available. Those characters are:. The game received "mixed" reviews according to video game review aggregator Metacritic. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Archived from the original on January 11, Retrieved December 29, Archived from the original on October 4, Official U.

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Inuyasha miroku stories