Inuyasha humps kagome lemons-Kagome gasped in fear for Inuyasha as he attacked the large monster

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Inuyasha humps kagome lemons

Inuyasha humps kagome lemons

Inuyasha humps kagome lemons

Even if the horse was a miniature, he was still huge in comparison to a human male. They were startled when a cold wet nose was shoved between them, and then forced down into Kagome's crotch. Damn Charter private undarahe thought as he fixed his papers. Stayed home sick again. On some instinctive level she realize he was almost lemon to… gulp mate with her. Powered by Fiction Portal 2.

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And she was afraid that if she didn't stop this now, there would be no turning back in another minute or two. She sighed heavily through tense lips. How she would love to be able to go in there and cool off. He felt warmth Inuyasha humps kagome lemons throughout his lower region as a familiar ache took place. Buh bye for now -Valasaurus. Inuyasha grinned as he took in her scent. Lol: sigh Did you know that you're a hypocrite? On her birthday three years ago some of Kagome's "friends" thought it would be interesting to take her to a secret place, a place that no one else knew about. Kami, no! He brought it to her lips. The winds howled ferociously through the trees and made the walls of the house groan. She continued to look away from him her face turning a new shade of red Inuyasha humps kagome lemons he lifted her shirt over her head. Why invention hard hats if invention hard money to invention ideas for teens?

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  • It had been a long day, a very long day indeed.
  • Maybe even better.
  • The luminescent moon peaked beyond two crests of cloudy tufts in the midst of the pitch dark sky, like a pale ghostly figure suspended amidst a shadowy sea of black.
  • Authors note: Ok so I was asked to post the lemon for this story.
  • Author's Notes : LOL!

Kagome gasped in fear for Inuyasha as he attacked the large monster. She was terrified for Inuyasha. The monster was a large beetle of some kind had had come out of nowhere from underground. It was surprisingly strong and was kicking the Hanyou around rather badly. Inuyasha was bleeding from several large gashes. Kagome looked down at her hands…in them rested the untransformed Tetsusaiga. When the beetle attacked Inuyasha had somehow lost it.

All that her mind was screaming was she had to get the sword to him now, before he transformed again. Kagome remembered all to well what happened last time. Several humans had been killed…and that had tortured Inuyasha. She had never seen the Hanyou look so lost as he did when he looked upon their bodies, after he had his mind back. If Inuyasha had transformed already…she was in danger. She heard a terrible growling scream…something Inuyasha had never uttered before, right before his claws slashed through the monster.

Kagome shook in fear for herself and Inuyasha as pieces of the monster fell to the ground. Inuyasha landed as graceful as an acrobat and slowly turned toward her. The shirt of his Rat fire outfit had been totally destroyed, and most of his legging was gone as well.

His body was red with his and the monsters blood. Please Inuyasha. He lowered himself to the ground and Kagome took a careful step forward. She ignored warnings screamed out by her friends. They were on the other side of the monster and thus were to far away to help now. She took another step when he did nothing but growl at her. Inuyasha snarled and tried to leap away…a second to late.

The ground tortured by the burrowing of the beetle and the battle gave way. Moments…or maybe hours later she awoke. Trembling from the cold hard ground beneath her Kagome sat slowly up. Terrified Kagome barely had the presence of mind to remember she had a lantern in her backpack.

She was in a cavern of some sort. No sky…no sunlight…no Miroku, Sango, Inuyasha, or Shippou. Kagome walked a little ways. It seemed that this was a cave or something. She could dimly hear water dripping, and echoing in the distance. She trembled again…a sixth sense, or maybe her Miko blood telling her something was wrong. That she was in danger. Someone or something was down here with her. She could feel it. She heard a low sound…like a growl.

Kagome stiffened and whirled around. Looking for the source. She knew that growl anywhere. Something came out of the darkness. Kagome stifled a scream. Even though she was hopping and expecting something…she was still startled. White hair glowed in the darkness, reflected from her lamp.

She started shaking when she saw not the soft golden eyes of her friend but the red eyes of a Youkai. Oh my god. Kagome looked around wildly. She had dropped the Tetsusaiga when the ground gave in.

It could be anywhere. The thing that was Inuyasha knew that it was trapped. It hated to be trapped. Instincts pulled him in different directions. One said to get out before death; the other demanded he make death. He made his way closer to the other. With what little mind he had Inuyasha decided he could do both. It came closer to the other. A strange light came out of a strange thing. He sniffed but decided the light making thing was not alive.

So the thing did not matter. He could hear its blood pumping through its veins. The air passing through its lungs. He could smell its fear. The thing that had once been Inuyasha suddenly stopped its eye wide. Something was tugging on its instincts again. He snarled and growled…extending his claws and grinding his fangs. The smell was triggering another instinct something stronger, and older than that of blood.

Something more important that killing. Quick as a flash he jumped at the creature. The other screamed piecing his sensitive ears. However just sounds would not stop him. What was so special about this other?

What was making him not kill it? He laid on top of the other; the position caused heat to rush through his body. He wanted something from this other. Wanted something other than blood, but what? He held down the pathetically weak other and lowered his face to its. He sniffed long and hard at it. The other features appealed to him for some reason.

He liked looking and sniffing this one. His eyes widened as suddenly his simple mind made a connection. Instincts, which before had been muddled suddenly, became crystal clear. Kagome trembled underneath Inuyasha. Was he trying to get control? Was he remembering who he was? She could only hope…and it seemed a good hope. Inuyasha pressed his face closer to hers staring at her with red eyes.

He then sniffed her. He seemed confused to her. She prayed the confusion meant he remembered her. And he was just trying to place where. He lowered his head even further…sniffing at her delicately.

She could barely focus in on his eyes, his face was so close to hers…but she defiantly noticed when they suddenly widened and something clicked behind them. Kagome was thus stunned beyond believe with the red eyes Inuyasha suddenly nuzzled her neck. Inuyasha suddenly snarled viciously and then pressed his lips painfully against hers. Kagome suddenly frightened again started to fight against him. She felt hands pressing against her. What was the most Animalistic behavior out there? The basic to all life…eat, and reproduce.

Kagome fought wildly against the rock hard body of Inuyasha.

I write for the pleasure of writing, not to please others. His lips were soft and moist. Inuyasha moaned loud. BUT, who's to say she never had a serious relationship? You'd think it was the first time you've ever come across boobs! He had the body of a god. Haul ass Kagome we've still got to look for our seats.

Inuyasha humps kagome lemons

Inuyasha humps kagome lemons

Inuyasha humps kagome lemons

Inuyasha humps kagome lemons

Inuyasha humps kagome lemons. InuYasha x Kagome ♥ moments ♥


A lovely complex: My Humps Chapter 1: Highschool sux, an inuyasha fanfic | FanFiction

By: doggieearlover It all started when Kagome needed help with a little problem. They belong to the wonderful genius Rumiko Takahashi. I just enjoy making them play with each other. It is greatly appreciated! Kagome rolled from her side to her back and stretched. She wished she could go back to sleep since dawn was still at least a couple of hours away. She pouted as her hand landed on the currently unoccupied half of the futon. Unable to bear the growing ache in her lower regions any more, she huffed as she untied her obi and slipped her arms out of her sleeping yukata.

Her husband had been called to another village along with Miroku for a youkai extermination. It was a demon that had become particularly troublesome and had finally killed a villager. A messenger had come and begged InuYasha and Miroku to come and help them, promising a reward that would make the trip worth their time.

While Miroku jumped at the opportunity, it was with great reluctance that InuYasha agreed to leave his wife. The miko ran her right hand over her rounded belly with a loving caress before her fingers found their way to the ache between her legs. With a sigh, she gently stroked her clit as she spread the heat that was seeping out of her. She closed her eyes and tried to imagine that it was her husband that was dipping into her, while her other fingers lightly swept from her hip up her side to cradle her breast.

She felt its heavy weight as she molded it with her hand. It was with some frustration that she began to pleasure herself.

It had seemed like a lifetime since she'd had to resort to this. She grinned as she felt a familiar powerful aura approach, though she did not stop what she was doing - or attempting to, anyway. Her eyes were still closed when she heard the covering over the door fall into place.

Kagome opened her eyes and grinned. I could certainly use your help with this little problem that I have. The Daiyoukai quirked an eyebrow at the naked and obviously pregnant miko.

So, take your clothes off and get down here and help me out. Kagome knew he was there for a reason, even if he couldn't admit it to himself just yet. She spread her legs and lay back as he settled between them. The miko sighed in relief as his warm, wet tongue began to stroke her, moving from her opening upwards. As the juices freely flowed out, he thrust his long, strong muscle up into her and then pulled back to latch onto her clit and sucked.

Her hands found her breasts and fondled her enlarged nipples as her brother-in-law and pack member continued to bring her pleasure. He had spread her apart with his fingers, while she had placed her feet on his shoulders and was arched off of the futon. However, it wasn't long before that was no longer enough. After all, that is why InuYasha sent you here - he knows how horny I've been.

She would have sworn the inuyoukai actually chuckled as he moved up her body, his long white hair tickling her as it draped around them. However, before he made it very far he had stopped and latched onto her breast and began to suckle.

Kagome gasped because the sensations made her even more wanton than she already was, and she hadn't believed that was possible. Her hand stroked down his sides and across his back as he moved from one breast to the other.

Realizing that it would do no good to try and rush him, she allowed one hand to trail from his back, across his ribcage, and back to her own body where it found its way between the apex of her legs. In spite of his heavy weight pressing against her, her chest heaved as he dragged his lethal claws across one breast as he continued to lave the other with his tongue.

She wondered how he could speak so clearly with a mouth full of breast. Then we can take the time to do whatever you'd like. Instead of responding, Sesshomaru moved up her body until his engorged cock was within her reach. She grasped it and slid it back and forth between her folds until it was coated with the liquid heat pouring out of her. When she aligned him with her opening and started to draw him in, he thrust suddenly and filled her completely.

She raised her feet so they could drag along his buttocks and lay back. She closed her eyes and settled in to enjoy the ride. Sesshomaru looked at the human under him, her eyes closed and obviously taking pleasure in the sensations he was bringing her.

He was beginning to understand the choices his father had made more and more. This was the first time he had returned to the miko for such an encounter since the pack bonding ritual, but he had been thinking about it along with his own desires with increasing frequency.

He had enjoyed it far more than he wanted to admit, even to himself. Youkai bitches simply did not respond the way to the primal act of fucking as humans did - or at least those humans like the miko below him who allowed herself to enjoy it. If InuYasha's mother was as receptive as this human was, then Sesshomaru could better understand his father's fascination with her. There was some satisfaction in knowing you could cause such responses in another.

In fact, it made him rather - proud - that he could elicit such reactions. Fucking a human was far more satisfying than he had ever suspected. But while it was certainly pleasurable and a way to relieve some of the tension he had been feeling, the woman below him was not really the one he was thinking of. It was another girl he desired, one that had blossomed into a beautiful young woman and was now of an age that he could take as his wife.

However, he wasn't certain exactly the best way to go about it. Plus, there was something he really needed to try with the miko since she was so willing and accepted the fact he was youkai before he attempted it with another - especially one as innocent as his Rin. The thought of it made him pick up speed until he was hammering into Kagome, keeping her locked in place with his hands on either side of her. She moaned and began to pant, and suddenly concerned he might be hurting her, he stopped.

Encouraged, Sesshomaru began to thrust into her again, hard and fast. Kagome cried out in ecstasy when his relentless pounding sent her over the edge into orgasm.

Her channel rippled around him and attempted to draw him further in. Rising to his knees, he cupped her buttocks in his hands and watched her enlarged breasts bounce with the motions.

The feeling of her juices pouring out around him and the sight of her now squeezing and pulling her own nipples caused him to lose any remaining control and spill himself inside of her.

Spent, he lowered her back to the futon and then collapsed over her, still coupled with her. He maneuvered his head so that it was between her breasts where he could pull one into his mouth and began to suckle on it again.

Kagome relaxed and enjoyed the sensations of his cock throbbing within her as he sucked at her breast like a baby. She knew he had more in mind and wondered what it might be as she closed her eyes and rubbed one of his delicate pointed ears between her thumb and fingers while the other stroked the back of his head.

She suspected it had not been easy for him to come to her like this, but she was glad he had. For not only was he pack, he was family and she wanted to help him however she could. If it just happened to help her heightened and greatly increased sexual desires at the same time, so be it.

She felt him roll to her side as his length finally went flaccid and slipped out. Her hand continued to thread through his hair and she cupped the back of his head and lightly massaged it. He moved to her other breast to lave it with his tongue while his hand delicately followed the curve of her stomach. Kagome's hand brushed against his as she caressed the life growing within her.

So, you can tell already? With long, languid strokes he began to lap at her once again. He never thought he would have a wife much less offspring. Falling silent, he let her think about that as he went back to what he was doing. Kagome smiled at her brother-in-law's statement and realized that he was probably correct.

She'd heard InuYasha muttering in his sleep, but the reality of his words had never really sunk in. She remembered being a bit worried after the pack bonding rituals that he might think she'd prefer his brother or Miroku instead, but he had put her fears to rest when he told her that he knew she loved him, that he loved her, but he felt better knowing that if anything ever happened to him she would be taken care of.

He didn't plan on anything happening to him, but you never knew what the next day would bring and it eased his mind to know that his brother especially would take responsibility for her if it ever became necessary. Kagome lifted her head so that she could see his eyes peering over her swollen abdomen.

You know if you want to try doggie style, I enjoy that position very much. You'll just have to let me turn over. The Daiyoukai actually chuckled. Kagome was confused until his eyes bled red and he began to transform. Kagome's eyes sprang wide open as his youki began to swirl around them. He had agreed not to do anything that would hurt her, so she didn't think he was going to transform to his battle canine form and then try to fuck her that way.

That would most certainly tear her apart. However, another thought entered her mind that did cause her to panic. He stopped his transformation and reversed it enough to speak.

She reached towards him and stroked his arm. It melts things. He lowered his partially transformed head and licked her breasts, first one, and then the other. Kagome raised her head and ran her hands over her chest. I know you wouldn't hurt me intentionally.

Inuyasha humps kagome lemons

Inuyasha humps kagome lemons