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I saw my sister naked

I saw my sister naked

I could hear that my sister was still in the bathroom. We had been playing badminton outside in the heat so I wanted to cool off in the shower. Show Ignored Content. Date Posted: Oct 23, 8. SounanOct 23, Related Questions. I was wearing only my boxers. I wish I had an awesome sister like you got. YourLocalRabbi and Tyresiax like this. I told my sister not to be obstinate.

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We chilled in the hot tub Sensitive to chemicals and talked all night long about life, swinging, and non-monogamy. I love being naked. Masturbation and nudity is siser part of life. No, not ssiter an adult. I decided to tell her the truth. Still so embarrassing, but it brought my MIL and I closer in a very strange way. Select as Most Helpful Opinion? Add Opinion. So I'm curious, when you think back on that night, how was the cousin acting? Ok so you didn't have a shower I saw my sister naked You cannot undo this action. Share Facebook. I don't nxked. At first she thought just one woman was receiving oral sex, but upon further inspection, we saw there were actually four couples going at it in various positions and vigorously at that! Select Cancel.

Borderlands 3: All Eridian Writing Locations.

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  • Sibling attraction is actually more common than people realise, with varying degrees.
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Discussion in ' Real Kinky ' started by thegoodguy , Dec 3, Log in or Sign up. Hip Forums. I saw my sister naked this morning Discussion in ' Real Kinky ' started by thegoodguy , Dec 3, Well get the pics man!!

Second rule of the internet Without pics it didn't happen. OldTroll , Dec 3, What's the first? Kempo , Dec 3, Next time be sure to speak up and tell her how long you've been lusting after her.

If you cant keep it in your pants, keep it in the family? Wow, hot story. Just doesn't seem all that real to me tho, tbh. The panic in your attitude is apparent in your writing. You're a little scared that she might find out, huh? Vire , Dec 4, So what did you do? Man , Dec 7, Obviously raep is in order Plus, she is Tell her you need some tips and instrutions Once you guise are real close, slip it in.

Or, you could just get some roofies. Man , Dec 13, I think is not the best for you to give such advices to underage persons. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Show Ignored Content. Share This Page Tweet. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account?

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We don't get to see them very often, so we planned to stay a week and really enjoy our time with them. Firstly, you need to logically realize the problems this will cause. Just brush it off and don't make an issue out of it. Desire is a place people go to get naked. She wanted to play games so it was really awkward with the two of us that whole night. Add Opinion.

I saw my sister naked

I saw my sister naked

I saw my sister naked

I saw my sister naked

I saw my sister naked

I saw my sister naked. Related Stories

Just act normal around her. Don't say anything! Forget you ever saw it. If you address it its only gonna make it more awkward. So I was at my girlfriends house she's 16 i'm 17 and we wanted to play a board game so we everyone in her family if they wanted to play except her sister. My girlfired had to go to the bathroom so she sent me to go ask her sister so I went up to the door and knocked twice and after about a minute I opened the door and her 13 year old sister was on the bed naked pleasuring herself while looking on her phone.

She saw me and I was just staring at her akwardly and as soon as I regathered myself I walked out of the room and closed the door. She wanted to play games so it was really awkward with the two of us that whole night. I haven't told my girlfriend or talked about it with her little sister either what should I do? Share Facebook. I saw my girlfriends younger sister naked, What should I do? Add Opinion. Have An Opinion? Join the discussion. Related Questions. Show All. What does it mean if your girlfriend wants you to sleep over at her place?

I need a guys input here. Please help? Is it possible to be in love with 2 people at the same time? And is it possible to get back together with an ex if they are also seeing someone else? How do I know if a girl is truly interested in me? Sort Girls First Guys First.

TeaHaychSea Xper 4. PhantomRenegade Xper 5. Mina Xper 5. Why are these stories always posted anonymously. You can't troll like this without a mask. Related myTakes. I don't care if she sees me naked. The shower is distorted just enough but you can still see good enough to get off to looking at them if you wanted. My mom has asked me what are you doing and I said what do you think. I was masterbating. I don't have a sister, and I haven't seen mom naked.

Even that thought seems so sick to me, I don't know. I don't have brothers. I used to change my little brother's diapers but otherwise no. When I was like 4 and then I got my slinky and held it over the toilet and told my mom I was "peeing like daddy" and my parents laughed so hard at me that they cried and they never let that story go! It was an accident, of course. Younger brother, yes, fully naked. But with my Dad, I often saw him topless. No I haven't I've seen them in boxers my brother tackled me while in boxers.

When I was younger, I saw my brother naked. It's been a long time since then, though. I've seen my sisters naked but not my mom or dad ew ateast not as an adult. I don't have a brother and yes I have seen my dad naked a few times when i was little.. I'm 19 and have three younger sisters and somehow they don't seem to mind me seeing them fully nude all the time. I've seen both naked numerous times and they've seen me naked and its fine really. My father had very little issues with nudity.

He would pretty much always be naked or in his underwear around the house when I lived there. I need shampoo" And my memories end there.

Honestly I didn't care. I'm 15, and it's my father. How is that wrong? Obviously we're not sexually attracted to one another. He'll step into the bathroom if he needs to grab something I'm behind the curtain and I'll come in sometimes and do the same, but on the rare occasion I go to grab something in his room and he's getting changed or something like that, or vice versa, we're just like "sorry" and leave.

Share Facebook. Girls , have you ever seen your dad or brother naked? Add Opinion. Have An Opinion? Join the discussion. MexicanBabe Xper 3. Saudigirl Xper 6. Are you saying your mom walks around naked with family around. Show All Show Less. Related Questions. Show All. Name one word one word ONLY that makes you think of sex immediately after you hear it except the opposite sex's privates?

accidentally saw my sister naked? | Yahoo Questions/RĂ©ponses

Amour et relations Famille. Accidentally saw my sister naked? Signaler un abus. Oui Non. Malheureusement, une erreur est survenue. In the past families were much larger and homes much smaller which meant that family nudity was a common occurrence. Also consider that back then we didn't have the nice porcelain bathtubs.

And no there wasn't any "dividers" for privacy. It was all out in the open for any other family member who happened by to see, but then as it was a common occurrence no one paid any attention to it. Multiple studies have shown positive results from having open families were nudity is common and this is totally nonsexual nudity. There is not one valid study showing any harm from it. I suggest you just relax about it and not worry. It would probably be good if you joined with here and spent some time around the house nude as well.

Ajouter un commentaire. It's not like you wanted to see her or looked on purpose. In fact when you did see her you covered your eyes quickly and not looked. That shows your a decent person who respects others. There is nothing to worry about and I wouldn't bring it up unless she does. One more question I have is even though you had the lights off and the room was dark, if the tv was on like you said, then when she walked by wouldn't she had seen the light coming from the tv or a reflection of it?

I walked in on my sister fingering her self in the liveing room when my mom was at work. I went back out and hour later and she feel asleep naked on the counch. It was weird lol but She is family so it don't matter. Maybe you will see more next time. Your sister wasn't thinking about anything but getting to the bathroom for her shower. You should think about this incident the same way. Would you stop her from taking her shower? Say this out loud 3 times.

You saw your sister naked , good for you. X But thats just a thing that happens in a family once in a while, no big deal. Apparently, in some families brothers and sisters see one another naked fairly often under the circumstances you have mentioned.

What would be more worrying if he she was nude in front of her sister or you on purpose because that implies exhibitionism. It is common dear. Just try to forget it. God see all people in nude. So think that you are at that level! If you have any difficulty in control yourself, just watch GodTv channel family programme and contact them.

Just quit thinking about it and act like it never happened. What's your question anyway?? Pagination 1. Questions existantes. Questions similaires I accidentally saw my sister naked? I Accidentally saw my sister naked and now she won't talk to me? I accidentally saw my half sister naked? Plus de questions. What should i do if i accidentally saw my sister naked?

Sister's boyfriend accidentally saw me naked? Je cherche les titres de 2 films? Mon oncle est mort sans femme ni enfants.

I saw my sister naked

I saw my sister naked