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Sexual headaches are severe headaches that develop in the midst of sexual activity, including during masturbation and orgasm. Other names for this condition are benign sex headache, benign vascular sexual headache, coital cephalalgia, coital headache, orgasmic cephalalgia, and orgasmic headache. Sexual headaches occur more often in males than in females roughly times more frequently. The two average peak ages of onset tend to be during the early 20s and around age Others experience a sharp, sudden headache just before or during orgasm.

I have read many of your comments and wonder if there is a doctor that could comment on what we all are experiencing. My pain stayed concentrated at the base of my brain in back and along my upper neck. I asked a headache specialist about this and was told that this could cause a stroke. I was able to orgasm while holding my head between my hands. I no longer get headaces and have stopped taking the magnesium. My blood pressure has been pretty high since this started. Better Headaches while masterbating but it's still intense. Good luck, everyone. February 22, at pm Reply.

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Guest over a year ago High Blood Pressure, Go see a doctor. Related Questions Extremly painful headaches while masturbating? See all techniques. With low levels of prostaglandin E1, the body experiences an inflexibility of the nerves, which create headaches. Painful Headaches While Masturbating? Guest over a year ago Yes it's just time, I got a minor concusion after wake boarding and didn't realize that was the reason for headaches while master baiting until Headaches while masterbating I wiped out while wake boarding and now the headaches are back, it's all in time though which I have learned. This is sooooooooooo irritating! Thank you. I am 22 years old and these headaches just started for me about a week ago. From what ive read about everyone elses dilemma I will give the pleasure a break for a few Headaches while masterbating see if it helps as i know ive been pretty religious about masturbating times daily on top Silicone bronze roofing nails intercourse with my girlfriend. Botanical Concoction for Penile Tissue R Sugar is energy, less energy means more blood has to flow through the brains blood vessels, so they dilate more. You are abusing your natural ability to enjoy your body. Categories : Headaches Sexual health. It sounds like a simple solution, but not many are willing to give it up.

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By Kerrie Smyres. Category: Triggers Tags: migraine , orgasm , sex Comments. But not everytime. No rhyme or reason. Just happens. Sorry to say. I am real sorry Kerrie. That totally sucks. Hopefully, this will be of some comfort for you. Kerrie, That totally sucks, but it could be worse.

Talk to your doctors about this right away and get help before it destroys your sex life. It only had to happen a few times before it really started to mess with mine. That was three years ago. My interest in sex has declined further since that time mainly because the pain destroyed my ability to become aroused beyond a certain point and orgasm is an impossibility. Aside from the abbreviated list of triptans, the articles cited are from and respectively, and there is more recent data available.

I have one a week sometimes two. It happens about one out of every five times I have intercourse. Even when you stop intercourse it still happens so you might as well have the fun part along with the excruciating part. I always say there is nothing that feels so good and hurts so bad all at the same time. Mine last for about five minutes or I sometimes get a full blown migraine out of it one hour later. Then she rubs very hard my occipital region the point at the base of the skull.

This helps get rid of it sooner. Try and relax during intercourse and NOT let the upper part of you body stiffen up.

Its a recipe for disaster. I know, its hard to do but if you aviod this position it helps a lot! I call them suicide headaches. Its one thing to ramp up to the that level of pain over a four to six hour period but to have it all hit you within 15 seconds is more than I can bear sometimes.

I usually fall off the bed, roll around on the floor and breath fast and heavy trying to catch my breath and breath through the pain. Headache my eye, they are a brain explosion! It will put a damper on your sex life thats for sure. I know this is really old but you are right. Its like a explosion in my brain. It happened to me for the first time yesterday. It was like being electrified. I felt the pain from the front of the throat, where the thyroid gland is located, thru to the back of my neck at the base of my skull, and simultaneously sharp stabbing pains pressuring in my temples and behind my eyes on both sides.

My girlfriend asked me questions about tingling in my extremities and made me move arms and legs, and looked into my eyes to see if one eye was more dilated than the other. The headache went away relatively quickly as I rested for about 20 minutes. So you get the CT scan done. I was on my fists. I saw the doc and took a UK drug Imigran for a while, which is strong and made me feel quite weird. Currently masturbation to orgasm is also bad, so time to keep to pleasure at a lower level.

I may call the doc to mark the date but otherwise will keep fit, try to de-stress, and patiently wait for the problem to vanish. I not sure if the headaches are caused by that or has no relations to it but, it happened 3 times now. It happens just befor climaxe. I get this sudden pain in the back of my lower head and it goes down the left side of my neck to my upper shoulders.

Which the wisdom tooth was my upper left side. The pain last for real intenes for about 10 mins and then turns into just a ache for the next few hours. Never had this before until the tooth was removed, just wondering if this could be from some nerve damage, or just happened at the same time.

I recommend talking to the doctor who pulled your tooth. It seems as though this is happening to older guys from what i can read above. However I am a 24 year old female who has been sexually active since I have a great sex life and have had no problems.

I do masturbate on occasion and today received my first migraine ever right before climaxing. So then i waited and it happened again. The pain lasted min. Guys…Ur not alone. Have ben sexually active for 16 years and this just started happening for the first time 2 months ago. Scares the heck out of me. The pain is unbearable and its my left side of my head mainly low at the base and at my neck.

All these are so me right now to 38 year old female an it just started happening right before climax it awful. I just wsnt answers now scared it gonna do it when im actually having sex. Guys… ur definately NOT alone! This onsets just before orgasm. Or am I looking at this for the rest of my life?

I have reading everything on the internet about these headaches for the last two days. I am 40 years old and just experienced this for the first time a few days ago. The first time I thought I had just amped up a hangover but the next two times were exactly the same, horrible, throbbing pain starting at the base of the back of my head and wrapping up to behind my eyes.

This all happens at the point or just after orgasm. I have had some bouts of either cluster or migrains in the past maybe one or two a year not triggered by anything, but this sudden onset is crazy and it lasts a good 24 hours slowly going away. I thought for sure after the last one that I must be having a brain bleed, thank god I am not the only one sorry.

I just stumbled across this site while looking for some answers to my own headache questions. But my question is actually about what happened in the weeks following this episode. It would just happen out of the blue. Same exact pain each time — starting at the base of the skull, flowing over the entire head, and throbbing with each heartbeat. Lying down made it worse, so I was forced to stand up and walk around until the worst of it passed — usually about an hour.

After that, if I sat down and hung my head between my knees, it would relieve the pain at least enough for me to think straight. Does anyone here know anything that might help me out? I definitely recommend seeing a doctor. Mine happened right at the beginning of orgasm while masturbating. Starts with tightening in the neck, but at the end it is like the top of my head will blow off — that part lasted less than a minute.

I am hoping this will go away soon and never recur, but I plan to abstain till the headache is totally gone … just getting aroused causes the symptoms of the residual headache to increase. I have gone to my physician, test have been run, will have to see what she suggests.

I am glad to see that there is a bit of info about this as I did not want to see my doctor about it, though still worried it can cause a stroke or something as it feels like head is exploding. I am a very healthy year old female. I has this headache for the first time yesterday and was convinced that I had a tumor or a brain bleed going on.

My pain stayed concentrated at the base of my brain in back and along my upper neck. I, too, could not lay down, as the throbbing seemed to get worse. I am headed to the doctor tomorrow to check it all out. I experienced some headaches in the past during orgasm, but attributed it to a pinched nerve or some sort of misalignment in my spine.

Yesterday, I experienced the end all orgasm and a headache that was so explosive and sudden that I thought I might be having a stroke. It started at the base of my skull and quickly engulfed my entire head, then was over in a matter of minutes.

I am 37yo, I smoke and am overweight but have been fairly healthy otherwise. Please tell me its not the end of my sexlife. Should I expect this to happen everytime now that its happened once? I experienced the same excruciating pain just prior to orgasm. The pain is indescribable. This intense pain lasts for about 15 minutes could be less, seems like more. The I have a lingering headache that dissipates with time and ibuprofen.

I felt as if a blook clot had traveled to my brain and I was sure if I had not stopped, I would have a devastating stroke.

This has happened to me three times now over the past 15 years but I dont forget. Harm to minors, violence or threats, harassment or privacy invasion, impersonation or misrepresentation, fraud or phishing, show more. Join Herballove is free and easy! I start getting the headache when I start Most of the time, the first time you experience coital cephalgia is also your last; however, if it happens quite often and the sex headaches become more severe, it is best to see your doctor immediately for proper diagnosis and treatment. Asker's rating.

Headaches while masterbating. Related Articles

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Case Studies. Interesting Facts. Who's new Hannah vinaygam21 moeez Kevinjhone thetvafce. Who's online There are currently 0 users online. Most Commented. Reversing The Effects of Over Masturbati My recovery story from overmasturbation. See all most commented. Popular Articles. Is Over Masturbation Bad? See all popular articles. Top Remedies. Botanical Concoction for Penile Tissue R See all top remedies. See all techniques. Product Reviews. These headaches are usually benign, but occasionally are caused by intracranial hemorrhage and cerebral infarction , especially if the pain is sudden and severe.

According to the third edition of the International Classification of Headache Disorders ICHD , which terms this condition primary headache associated with sexual activity , it normally begins as a dull headache that increases with sexual excitement, and becomes intense at orgasm.

Previous editions of the ICHD divided the condition into two subforms, preorgasmic headache and orgasmic headache. These subforms were merged into one entity with varying presentation because clinical studies could not distinguish them. For some patients, the headaches may be related to general exertion. Sporadic case studies have linked sexual headaches to the use of certain drugs, including amiodarone , pseudoephedrine , birth control pills , and cannabis.

A physician may recommend engaging in sexual activity less strenuously. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Sexual headache Other names Coital cephalalgia Specialty Neurology Sexual headaches are a type of headache that occur in the skull and neck during sexual activity , including masturbation or orgasm. Neurologic Clinics. Singapore Medical Journal.

ICD - 10 : G Andrology Allergy Endocrinology Psychiatry.

VERY bad headache/migrane while masterbating? : sex

By Kerrie Smyres. Having a headache or migraine triggered by sex or an orgasm is a pretty cruel emotional injustice. Fortunately, preventing a sex-induced headache or migraine is surprisingly simple.

And, no, the answer is not to avoid having sex. The headache or migraine may be triggered by benign causes like a tightening of the head and neck muscles or a response to increased blood pressure and heart rate during orgasm.

Several trustworthy online sources say that taking a triptan an hour before sex is an effective treatment for orgasm-induced migraines. I asked a headache specialist about this and was told that this could cause a stroke.

The specialist said that because both triptans and orgasms constrict blood vessels, the blood vessels could constrict too much during an orgasm. It makes me bitter.

I have a good diet, good exercise routine… Yet when I have an orgasm- the pain immediately blasts through my head and stays for 24 hours! I read about one guy that said it had been going on with him for three years. I cant do that. Or if five eggs a day can spike cholesterol levels to the point of causing high blood pressure—. But what I basically want to know- is what are the odds that I got into this condition with my diet?

I wish you the best of luck in finding the cause. I know some people say they had them for years and years— so perhaps I just got off lucky, but—. All I did differently was lay off my high-cholesterol foods— eggs, in my case Eat extra fiber- oats and fruits-. Lime and cilantro are great together- it levels out that bitter taste. Seriously, just wadded them up, and ate them. Its not a good taste, but- hell. I heard so many good things about the detox-powers of cilantro—. Hi James, I am also suffering severe headache when reached to climax when doing sex or masturbation.

What i dsliscovered is lying flat can reach to climax though. It started from last week. I am not sure how long it will last but I will try Cilantro from tmr. I went to doctor today snd they gave me pain killers and want me to stop the activity for 2 weeks and see the results. Did you manage to permanently stop after eating Cilantro. What i discovered is lying flat can reduce pain and reach to climax though. I went to doctor today and doctor gave me pain killers and want me to stop the activity for 2 weeks and see the results.

Did you manage to permanently stop headache after eating Cilantro? Orgasms occasionally CURE and usually at least alleviate my chronic migraines because of the increase in serotonin levels, coupled with the flow of blood away from the brain to other areas, I believe. The only problem is that once a killer migraine is well under way, sex is usually one of the last things on my mind, even for medicinal purposes:. I have just started, about a month ago having headaches after I have an orgasism… the last time it lasted over 24 hours I wanted to die.

The first headache I got was the other day after an orgasm. It started in the middle of my neck and ran up the back of my scalp and down behind my eyes. It felt like someone was pulling the cords on the back of my eyes. It literally felt like someone bashed the back of my skull in with a baseball bat. The severity eased up after about 10 minutes but it felt like a stiff neck limiting my neck movement.

My heart checks good but it races at times. My BP elevates to the point of almost passing out. Cold sweats randomly. Heat of any type makes me nauseated.

I want effing answers. Any ideas or do I got to make her see a doctor. Please reply. Yu knw Oscar as yu described it its exactly like dat and it last abt 15mins then it slowly fades away also started a mnth ago, usually ive been enjoyin sex till last mnth i cant even musturbate myself anymore cos im scared de pain z veri exruciating unberable i tell yu pls come tell us what de doctor said abt yo headache.

By the way sorry I got to much damn autocorrect it corrects and pops words making it not that understable. It starts in my neck and works up to feel like a vice crushing my forehead to both sides and behind the eyes and jaw. This has only been happening for about 8 months but it makes me nervous, as well as making my very patient partner feeling worried. Can anyone recommend anything to stop it or reduce the risk? Why does it happen?! There are also other things which may be causing this explosion like certain prescription drugs.

Hope this helps! My explosive migraine sneaks up as I am preorgasm, and I would compare the final orgasm headache but mostly migraine as having my head bashed open. All I can do is grab my head and cry.

My neck does feel a tad stiff after the pulsing from the orgasm dies down, but that is bearable. The pain has lasted at most, about 12 hours, with the first 1 or 2 hrs being excruciating, and the rest 10 or 11 hrs a dullness all over my head. I quit smoking three months ago and my problems started about a month ago. Could be related? I had my first headache after sex with my wife in the shower.

Approaching orgasm my legs shook violently and then my head exploded. Again the next time but this time lying on my back. Third time masterbating to see if that was different.

Each time the headache lasted longer and the last time 24 hours. I went to the doctor and ended up in ER getting scans and a lumber puncture to test for something more serious. All good. One of the male nurses asked me if I held my breath during orgasm. I had another go with my wife and breathed open mouth during climax.

No headache. I have also been taking magnesium which I read was a contributor. Please try breathing and magnesium. I hope you all find a solution. If it is sexual headache, doctor will tell u to do brain CT scan and if every thing is okay with scan, doctor will give you Indometacin tablet to take it before activity.

You will get well immediately with just 1 tablet. When that become okay, u dun sex for 3 to 4 days. You wont need to rely on medicine anymore next time when you try. CT scan for your brain is a must because doctor can prescribe medicine only if your internal brain is okay and nothing ruptured.

This the only solution cured me. I seem to get migrain headaches within a few hours of sex, actually way more after masterbation than sex with my wife…figure that one out all you want to be psyco-therapists.

I think this may be the real physiological reason I am more likely to get a headache from masterbation than sex in that I tend to hold my breath for intensity when climaxing via masterbation rather than breath through it when with my wife. Time to try out this theory as well as the magnesium Matt suggested. I think he may hold his breath during orgasm!!

Thanks for posting here. I will schedule him an appointment to have this checked out. I am worried that it could be an aneurysm or stroke. He is sleeping like a baby now. BTW my fiance said his headache began at the temples as a stabbing pain and shot backward towards the back of his head.

He said he was more tense this morning but not tonight. Unintentionally, both times this headache occured he was on his back during orgasm…which makes me think about blood flow….

Good luck everyone! Exactly how people have described them. First was during sex, second was in a fitness class, within minutes of warm up. I thought I was going to die. Scans and MRI done. Showing nothing sinister, Thankfully.

The doctors put me on preventative meds. A type of beta blocker. I suffer with migraine but nothing ever like this. I went to acupuncture session yesterday, not sure if it helped.