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Whistleblowing too often leads to blowback which flattens the complainants, even ending their careers and badly hurting them financially. The connection between the whistleblowing and the immediate likelihood of being turfed out of their home is complicated and convoluted, but real. Their retaliation spiralled into severe harassment and intimidation, revealed in print and in television documentaries. The county council and its Chief Executive, then as now the about-to-retire Mark James CBE, declined to do anything to curb the planning breaches at Blaenpant, and instead labelled Trisha a persistent complainant and prevented her from contacting councillors. This was just one of many acts of harassment.

Harassment breckman

Harassment breckman

Harassment breckman

Harassment breckman

The products and services listed include demolition, Harassment breckman, groundworks, scrap metal and tipper hire. He and Karen had learnt that Trisha and Eddie were asking the county council questions about the haulage and other industrial operations at Blaenpant. Please click the button Harassment breckman to manage your account. The couple bought Pant y Castell Fach — a cottage, outbuilding and over six acres — in Both Trisha and Eddie are well over state pension age and can no longer earn as much as was possible in the past.

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On 25 January19 cases of women being groped, verbally assaulted or raped were reported in Tahrir Square. Neither the pension cash, nor the illegal libel indemnity have ever been repaid. References in classic literature? Officers including Mr James lied and cheated Harassment breckman years robbing me of any chance of taking legal Harassment breckman. Many states have drafted state prevention model policies for employer use. Whitland Fairy Queen and attendants. The Over 75s. Most of the harassment in junior Girly glitter graphics and high schools happens in hallways. If,as is taking place, there is a deliberate avoidance to take any action, with a blanket ban on members and officers Harassment breckman communicate further, that is gross misconduct which initself is a criminal offence. Women around the world are beginning to tell their stories and expose the pervasiveness of sexual harassment in their societies.

There is one case I have been following for seven years, but its origins go back 16 years to

  • This expression is usually spoken in the command form by a desperate victim of incessant nagging or harassment.
  • Excellent coverage by your regional newspaper today too.
  • While sexual harassment has been a pervasive problem for women throughout history, only in the past three decades have feminist litigators won definition of sexual harassment as a form of sex discrimination and have women come forward in droves to demand remedies and institutional change.
  • How can Carmarthenshire justify these huge payments?
  • To subject another to hostile or prejudicial remarks or actions; pressure or intimidate.

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Indeed, it would be very helpful if you could provide an idea of the amount of the financial losses which you wish to recover. Arthur Koestier, Promise and Fulfillment , Thursday, 9 November Chief Executive threatens pensioner with legal action. This dedicated and talented group of individuals represents the best in their respective fields and I look forward to tapping into the full breadth of their expertise in support of Hack Harassments critical mission, said Chris Loo, director of Hack Harassment , Intel Corporation. Demand that the harassment stop. Time limits for filing claims with FEP agencies range from 6 months to one year.

Harassment breckman

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You can, though, seek loss of profit. Tie-in the dates from when you seek losses to the dates of any negligence by the council. You also said that you had suffered injury, so if you have any medical evidence, for example from a GP or psychiatrist, that would be helpful. To press ahead, we really need to have a legal team of our own, but after all that has happened, and the legal bills to we incurred in the fight to prove our innocence, there is no way we can afford new legal costs.

Your email address will not be published. Photo credit: Malcolm Richards Photography. The Park has been a long-time holder of the prestigious Blue Flag for Cefn Sidan Beach, but has for the first time been awarded a Green Flag by Keep Wales Tidy in recognition of achieving the international mark of a quality park.

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Women around the world are beginning to tell their stories and expose the pervasiveness of sexual harassment in their societies. A International Labor Organization survey of 23 countries revealed what women already know: that sexual harassment is a major problem for women all over the world. Sexual harassment affects women's mental and physical health as well as their social and economic status. The level of tolerance for sexual harassment varies from culture to culture.

Some of the most recognized forms of sexual harassment are: Direct sexual advances or propositions, including higher-ranked employees asking for sexual favors. Intimidating or excluding women employees to jeopardize their employment status. Creating a hostile workplace for women by using sexist jokes, remarks, or pinning up sexually explicit or pornographic photos.

Sexual harassment is not mutual and is unwelcome. It is rude, demeaning behavior and is usually about the abuse of power. In fact, sexual harassment psychologically hurts the women involved and the work atmosphere. According to the National Council for Research on Women, women are 9 times more likely than men to quit their jobs, 5 times more likely to transfer, and 3 times more likely to lose jobs because of harassment The Webb Report , June There may be serious economic consequences as a result of sexual harassment.

A woman's job status may be jeopardized and and she may lose wages if she is fired or takes extended leave to avoid the harasser. The Merit Systems Protection Board Study of sexual harassment noted that women in in traditionally male-dominated occupations such as construction, policing, the military are more likely to be harassed. Additionally, other studies have found that harassment is more commonly found in female-dominated workplaces where majority of women earn low wages and the management is predominantly male see Frank E.

The law remains unclear whether a woman "who is not herself the object of sexual harassment might still have a hostile environment claim. Offensive and demeaning behavior does not have to be tangibly detrimental ex. Preventing Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Employer Liability Employers are responsible for the conduct of supervisors and managers.

Employers also have a responsibility to protect their employees from harassment by non-employees e. Managers are liable for sexual harassment between co-workers if they knew or should have known about it and took no steps to stop it.

The existence of a company grievance procedure alone does not automatically insulate employers from liability. Employers should also take responsibility to take action against sexual harassment once they are aware it is occurring. An effective sexual harassment policy stresses the illegality of sexual harassment and delineates a clear and appropriate complaint process while ensuring the confidentiality for the victim. Additionally, such a policy encourages witnesses or victims to report the behavior immediately and mentions that retaliation against persons reporting harassment is illegal and will not be tolerated.

Once finalized, an organization's sexual harassment policy should be distributed to all employees and a copy posted in an accessible and prominent location. Employers should also consider scheduling seminars or workshops on sexual harassment to promote company-wide knowledge of the policy. Many states have drafted state prevention model policies for employer use. Other employer resources concerning may be obtained from federal employment discrimination enforcement agencies such as the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission EEOC and state fair employment agencies, or national organizations combatting sexual harassment, such as Legal Momentum , which offers an "Employer Legal Resource Kit".

Following clear and proactive formal policies against sexual harassment in the workplace is one way to prevent lawsuits and drops in productivity and efficiency. Stopping Sexual Harassment If possible, and if the harassment is not too severe or violent, directly confronting the harasser may be useful.

Also, although having protested is not necessary for a claim, it would strongly strengthen a claim. In Back Off! Do the unexpected: Name the behavior.

Whatever he's just done, say it, and be specific. Hold the harasser accountable for his actions. Don't make excuses for him; don't pretend it didn't really happen. Take charge of the encounter and let people know what he did. Privacy protects harassers, but visibility undermines them.

Make honest, direct statements. Speak the truth no threats, no insults, no obscenities, no appeasing verbal fluff and padding. Be serious, straightforward, and blunt. Demand that the harassment stop. Make it clear that all women have the right to be free from sexual harassment. Objecting to harassment is a matter of principle. Stick to your own agenda. Don't respond to the harasser's excuses or diversionary tactics. His behavior is the issue.

Say what you have to say, and repeat it if he persists. Reinforce your statements with strong, self-respecting body language: eye contact, head up, shoulders back, a strong, serious stance.

Don't smile. Timid, submissive body language will undermine your message. Respond at the appropriate level. Use a combined verbal and physical response to physical harassment. End the interaction on your own terms, with a strong closing statement: "You heard me. Stop harassing women. If the victim is a union member, reporting the harassment to the union steward may garner support and secure a potential ally. According to the National Labor Relations Act, unions must represent and aid their members in stopping sexual harassment, a form of discrimination.

There are strict limits on filing grievances. They must be filed with 6 months of the date of the incident you are complaining about. Documenting Harassment Documenting the harassment is important for use as evidence in a case or complaint.

You should: Photograph or keep copies of any offensive material at the workplace. Keep a journal with detailed information on instances of sexual harassment.

Trisha Breckman | West Wales News Review

There is one case I have been following for seven years, but its origins go back 16 years to Authorities said it was a dispute between neighbours, and so it was, but also so much more. Maybe there is an assumption by some that newcomers from over the Severn Bridge are more likely to be at fault than local people already living next door. Maybe organisations are more concerned about damage to their reputations than about harm resulting from their inaction.

In the case of retired couple Trisha Breckman and Eddie Roberts of Pantycastell Fach, Maesybont, Carmarthenshire, failings under all these headings, and more, have led to them experiencing years and years of victimisation.

Evidence has been studiously ignored to the point of asking why amass proof, why not just put Trisha and Eddie into Medieval ducking stools, and tell them if they drown they are innocent and if they survive, they are guilty? Damnation either way!

Suspicions grow that all evidence, including evidence obtained by Trisha and Eddie, may be suspect, and that is a big step towards ignoring it. The adversarial legal system in England and Wales does not help, either. The winners are the lawyers who present their arguments to greatest effect, so the central skill is persuasion, not investigation to illuminate the salient facts. Arthur Bleasdale, who lived nearby at Ffynnon Goch, had also complained to the council that Blaenpant was the scene of industrial operations, and his concerns were logged.

But pre-sale searches did not discover these complaints. But according to the council, Blaenpant Farm was merely a contact address for a haulage business operated elsewhere. The pretty setting of Pantycastell Fach. Trisha had been looking forward to a quiet life on the smallholding with its pretty cottage, and enough land for her elderly Connemara mare Minnie and for the cattery she hoped to establish — and for which she obtained planning permission.

The couple paid mostly in cash but also took out a mortgage to fund construction of the cattery. The cattery was never built, because of problems which emerged about a year after the couple moved in, and which left Trisha feeling too nervous to remain in the cottage on her own.

This meant that Eddie, who had been intending to live in Sussex for part of the week and repay the mortgage with earnings from his taxi business there, decided he had to live in the cottage full-time, so that Trisha would not be alone. Why had Trisha become anxious? Karen ran a heavy haulage business, KBHS Ltd, operating without planning permission on what was supposed to be a farm. The products and services listed included demolition, excavation, groundworks, scrap metal and tipper hire.

This was an industrial operation, open seven days a week, Monday to Sunday, and not light industrial either. Not one of them applies for any industrial activity.

This was refused. Planning officers agreed that this was indeed permitted development. This did not get the go-ahead, and Karen Bowen Thomas was told to submit a formal planning application. Karen Bowen Thomas appealed, and probably to the annoyance of the county council, the appeal was upheld.

The planning department agreed that this was indeed permitted agricultural development not requiring any planning permission, and the building was constructed. The first and second hay and implement storage buildings had a total length of feet, and sufficient indoor space to store a substantial number of tractors or other vehicles.

The complex would be far less noticeable if it were screened with trees, and if attractively landscaped could look smart on an industrial estate, but it is not located on a business park. The home of Trisha Breckman and Eddie Roberts is immediately to the south, accessed by a track which crosses Blaenpant land.

The applications continued. Planners told them that formal permission would be necessary, and the road was not constructed. Trisha Breckman: sixteen stressful years. They are also victims of the very common shoot-the-messenger syndrome. They include five broadcasts of the TV news programme Wales This Week , between February and March , which show in horrible detail the harassment suffered by Trisha and Eddie.

Trisha and Eddie had a legal right of way over the track, which was part of the property of Blaenpant Farm. Two solid gates with locks were erected across the track, making it difficult for Trisha and Eddie to leave their cottage.

It has been removed. That happened after Adam Price, then our MP, wrote to the county council in November about the complaints over unlawful, noisy industrial operations such as quarrying and heavy haulage at Blaenpant, when there was no planning permission for such activities. The Thomases appear to have been told that Adam had written and took offence.

They began the harassment immediately, and narrowed our right of way in January Special Areas of Conservation are approved by the European Union and are supposed to be protected and preserved.

What to do? They took their accusation to the police, and soon two officers were knocking on the door at Pantycastell Fach, asking for the films, arresting Trisha and removing her to a police cell. The Crown Prosecution Service CPS decided that the filming showed Trisha and Eddie harassing Andrew and Karen, which suggests that either they did not view the films or did not understand them, because the opposite was clear to the Wales This Week team. In the end, the CPS realised their mistake, but not before heaping more pressure on beleaguered Eddie and Trisha.

Was it sloppy assessment? Deliberate bias? Reluctance to confront the aggressors? Andrew Thomas was convicted in of assaulting two women the previous year, two women who were trying to stop him from insulting Eddie Roberts as Eddie sat in his taxi in Carmarthen. Accusations from Andrew and Karen resulted in Trisha being arrested six times. Almost ten years on in , the-then Police and Crime Commissioner for Dyfed Powys Police, Christopher Salmon, made a full, unreserved apology — an apology which Trisha and Eddie said went far beyond any statement made by Carmarthenshire County Council, the local planning authority in the case.

However it absolutely applies to any unsubstantiated comment or accusation, implied or otherwise, against your integrity. We acknowledge they are hurtful, embarrassing and deeply personal. For that we are sorry. You are not accused of anything and your integrity is not in doubt. The haulage business at Blaenpant, operating when Trisha and Eddie moved in to Pantycastell Fach in , did not exist in the eyes of the county council. Therefore there was no industrial business operating without the need to pay business rates because farms are exempt.

Instead, officers in the planning department accused Trisha and Eddie of making baseless complaints. Eventually the pensioner couple were put on a list of persistent complainants and for a time were stopped from contacting council staff and councillors, with the exception of one designated person, the then-Director of Regeneration and Leisure, Dave Gilbert. In a planning inquiry by inspector Clive Cochrane determined that an area of land on Blaenpant Farm, away from the yard and adjacent to the Carmel telecommunications mast, was being used unlawfully to store a long list of non-agricultural equipment — industrial skips, lorries, lorry engines and parts, container body shells, excavator and bulldozer plant, a fire engine, tarmacadam planings and more.

Mr Cochrane said the land must be returned to agriculture. Later Mr Cochrane, after retirement, told the BBC that he could confirm everything that Trisha and Eddie had said about operations at Blaenpant lacking planning permission. Commenting on the main farmyard of Blaenpant, near Pantycastell Fach, Mr Cochrane said in his inquiry report:.

I understand that the appellant also operates haulage and scrap metal businesses at other licensed vehicle operating centres in the Swansea area. This appears to be in contravention of the conditional planning permissions for the buildings and may be unlawful without further planning permission for an apparent change of use.

The page anonymised report from the Ombudsman contains, as Appendix 3, comments from the former Planning Enforcement Manager for Carmarthenshire County Council. The officer in the role in the early s was Brian Canning. I have absolutely no interest in your final conclusions so would be grateful if you would refrain from contacting me again. He did not recall if Blaenpant was licensed as an operating base for one HGV, but he did recall that the operating centre for the lorries was elsewhere.

He never saw anything to suggest that a change of use from farming to industry had occurred. He did not recall being shown photographs of lorries, he could not recall if he was offered video footage of HGV activity during a meeting with Eddie Roberts and his surveyor. He could not recall a planning report of September which referred to the primary uses of the site as being equine and a lorry base, and he believed that statement to be incorrect, based on a snapshot assessment of the planning officer and going beyond what the officer was in a position to say.

Andrew Thomas had said under oath during the planning inquiry that for ten years he had been using the farm as a base for five or six lorries, but the Planning Enforcement Manager did not think that any weight should be attached to this statement. In his view, the late Karen Bowen Thomas, who died at the end of , would have had a clearer idea of what had been going on.

In fact, Karen had already admitted in court, in , that she ran a haulage business at Blaenpant without planning permission. In what seems a revealing statement, the Planning Enforcement Manager told the Ombudsman that he was extremely principled and would never desist from taking action on the basis of some other ulterior motive, for example, because an officer was being intimidated.

The Head of Planning Services was the immediate superior of the Planning Enforcement Manager, and he did not consider that the council had failed to do something it should have done. He did, though, suggest to the Ombudsman that planning enforcement was not the best process for mediation, and therefore it could be helpful to have a more formal mediation service. The statement did not, in my view, respond to any of the questions I had asked.

Mr James said:. Again, I cannot identify any evidence of maladministration in the way in which the Council has acted. I had not asked about an unauthorised track. At least, they made no admissions of concern in public. Council has power but not duty to investigate breaches of planning law — so no compensatio n.

Trisha and Eddie applied to the county council for compensation, but not a penny has been offered. The law says that any claims for loss other than personal injuries must be brought within six years of the actions causing any loss.

The actions which you complain about took place more than six years ago. So the only avenue which Mrs Breckman and Mr Roberts thought was open to them, to seek compensation for being unable to launch and run their proposed cattery business because of harassment and intimidation from the people next door, now has locked gates across it — just like the lane to their cottage when Mr and Mrs Thomas put gates across that.

Trisha and Eddie are now threatened with eviction because they do not have the money to repay the mortgage they took out in to build the cattery that they did not construct because Andrew Thomas made it so difficult for them, and therefore for future clients, to enter and exit the smallholding. It does not matter that the active harassment stopped a decade ago, the damage was done.

The county council and its Chief Executive, the recently retired Mark James CBE, labelled Trisha a persistent complainant and prevented her from contacting councillors, thus closing another door to redress. Both Trisha and Eddie are well over state pension age and can no longer earn as much as was possible in the past.

Trisha and Eddie did not have that money. Advert for Blaenpant, September The harassment stopped, and the track to Pantycastell Fach is back to its former width, but that cannot wipe out the years of aggravation. Surely the fact that the Ombudsman found Carmarthenshire County Council guilty of maladministration means that the council has a moral, even if not a legal, obligation to compensate Trisha and Eddie, who were victimised for whistleblowing.

I would have liked to speak to county council personnel about possible resolutions to the difficult situation in which Trisha and Eddie find themselves, but was informed by the Press Office earlier in that no member of staff will communicate with me professionally unless and until Econews West Wales belongs to an official media regulation scheme.

Harassment breckman

Harassment breckman

Harassment breckman