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Donna hedonism

Donna hedonism

Donna hedonism

Credit: Nick DeLieto. Find that person Donna hedonism the club you could go home and sleep with. I'm a veteran of all-inclusive resorts, and I prefer a hdonism more luxury and upscale surroundings, Donna hedonism a little more culinary variety, but that's NOT why people come to Hedo! View all 3 deals. However as I indicated the other cash component of the offer made and accepted by you from your travel provider was more than fair. Newsletter Sign Up Continue reading the main story Please verify you're not a robot by clicking the box. Profile JOIN. Donna Summer, MAY 17,

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Join us for epic pool parties, daily events hedlnism happy hours with tons of premium tequila. Join us as we take you on … Continued Learn Krem spokane mayor study You must be joking. Donna hedonism Offer Receive free points. Tantra is an all inclusive Dnona Continued. Join the … Continued. Poor First Time? Ladies who are Bi-curious will likely lose that status very quickly. Come spend a week with World Exotic Travel at … Continued. It hasn't changed much since then, Donna hedonism is what most people like about it, I'm sure.

Anita Bitton is walking through Central Park on her way to her office down in Midtown.

  • We just returned from a visit to Hedo 2 with a group and my wife is still recovering from an illness contracted there.
  • Earlier this month, Castaways Travel , a Spring, Tex.
  • Find the group that is just right for you.
  • One of the greatest pleasures in life is indulging in our most hedonistic desires.

My first time at HEDO.. We truly are blessed with such a great staff and we appreciate the shout outs. We can't wait to welcome you home again! Your Pleasure Is Our Passion! We are 7 time repeat offenders. Our first time was like nothing we had ever experienced and way more fun than we had imagined. But it is not for everybody. If you are open-minded and want to meet the most charming and fun people in an erotic atmosphere then this is the place for you.

If you want a quiet, uneventful, sanitized, vanilla vacation at a 5 star resort then go elsewhere. It's the people and the atmosphere that take center stage at Hedo. You will never meet a more unpretenous down-to-earth group of guests anywhere. You would have to actually try to not meet people and make friends. The rooms are OK but getting better as the entire resort undergoing rennovations. The food is tasty whether choosing the buffet, restaurants or the convenient poolside grill.

The staff is excellent Jamaican people are the best and the service is always good. Winston and the ECs are a very talented and friendly group who really work hard to provide excellent entertainment and ambience.

Hedo is a place that does not pretend to be what it's not. It is a place that allows you to let loose and re-capture a little magic in your relationship. You can have the best time of your life and learn a little about yourself along the way. Then you will go home smiling and thinking about how you cannot wait until the next time Not surprising really because it is this unpretentious and most non-judgmental atmosphere that has drawn you to this iconic resort 7 times.

Thank you for crystallizing what Hedo is all about for people who may be on-the-fence. We look forward to welcoming you home again for 8 soon. This was a hard review. I had to take an average of out experience.

First, I'll review the facilities. The food in the buffet was actually quite good. Breakfast was great and the omelet guy was hilarious.

We decided to stick with buffet as our experience at the Italian place was pretty bad. Service there was bad and food had zero flavor. Our room was clean, but needed updated. Bathroom was so small, the shower knob kept popping off. This happened frequently around the facility.

Washing my feet off after the dive the shower valve came apart. The diving was ok. Well run, but not much life on the reef. They only let you do one dive a day. We were under the impression it was 2. Now, we had a fantastic time meeting people and though the pool was closed our first couple days, it opened later. What a great time! I'd like to add Winston the singer on the main stage and at the piano bar was also quite fun 5 star for experience.

Daniel W, Thank you for taking the time to write this review. As you experienced with the pool renovation, Hedonism II owners are constantly looking to improve the facilities. Many rooms have been upgrade and that work continues. We trust that your overall experience will encourage you to return again in I have just returned from nearly a month stay at the resort which is truly a home away from home for many. My previous reports have chronicled many of the great improvements made over the last several years, but it has been a couple of years since I wrote a review.

Remarkably, the resort continues to make significant improvements in all categories of accommodations and amenities. Cecile Levee continues to use her magic to design attractive areas at the resort. Additionally, all of the rooms have now received new air conditioning units.

The nude bar and grill were just updated in record time so as to minimize disruptions to the guests. I have not seen the completed project in person, but when we left in mid December, the renovations were going strong.

As all of us regular visitors know, however, it is the staff and management of the resort that make it special. From the guest relations group of Lorna Bramner, who will always try her best to solve any problem you might have, as well as Charlene and Damien, who are likewise ready to help. In fact, as we were leaving this last trip, I discovered at the airport that my wallet was missing. I immediately called the resort and spoke to Charlene who, without delay, asked housekeeping to check our room, which they did, and my wallet was found before I boarded the plane.

It will be kept for me in a safe place until I return. That is the kind of service that one doesn't get from an average resort. And then, of course, there is everyone's favorite nighttime bartender, Mr. Donna Grant, the hotel manager does a fantastic job and is always seamlessly "on top" of every situation. There is also the often unsung Mr. Jeffrey Johnson who will see to it that if a guest wants something that the resort doesn't happen to have usually alcohol ,he will try to get it if he can.

On this trip, it was not alcohol I requested, but a certain fruit for the breakfast buffet that was sorely needed by this aging female Prunes! Thank you Mr. Another staff member who keeps the place running smoothly behind the scenes is Mr.

That aspect of the resort has certainly come a long way since my first visit 25 years ago when the only way to communicate with the outside world was through a couple of phones in the lobby. What a great convenience the Wi-Fi has been for me. I would be remiss if I didn't specifically mention the entertainment under the direction of Mr. Winston Bartley.

I don't know how they do it. However, it is Winston who is the gem of the Carriebean. I think that those of us who visit often, forget how lucky we are to have him. On this last trip, he did an homage to Prince that was beyond compare. There are many other staff members who make this resort the unique and welcoming place that it is from wait staff members such as Angela, Vertig, Serene, and Patrick, to the Water Sports guys - Steve, Anthony, and Dion and many others including Mr.

Delano Miller - and Ms. Serena Williams who are both very good at what they do, as well as too many others to mention. And finally, and certainly not least, is the man who is the reason I get out of bed early every day - Mr.

Garfield Gordon, tennis pro extordinare. Garfield is the best - he makes tennis so much fun and makes me look much better than I am. I guess, it sounds like I am talking about family, which is the unique thing about Hedonism because ALL of the guests are made to feel like family. As one can see, there is a reason that people come back time after time and year after year.

And when you arrive at the resort and Cecil, the bellman, says, "Welcome Home," he means it. Dear wgalke, What a fantastic, detailed review! Thank you for taking the time to write about your "home away from home.

And, as you so eloquently mention, there is no other resort that can match our staff and their importance to creating such a family-centric feeling at Hedo II. Thank you so much for the staff shout outs! We know you will be returning "Home" again soon and we look forward to your next stay with us. When we arrived and to our surprise, we learned that the Nude Pool and Hot Tub were closed beginning the day we arrived for 13 days to complete renovations. With the nude side closed, needless to say, that put a big damper on the fun.

I contacted Right Connections while at Hedo to express my disappointment that they had not advised us of the closure for renovations and they said they were not advised of that by Hedo and arranged for me to meet with the Manager, Donna. Donna stated that they had unexpected problems develop with the hot tub and pool water filters and that they had no choice but to close the pool and hot tub. That was a curious response, given that visitors at Hedo had posted on the Adult Travel Forum on Dec 3 that the nude hot tub and pool were going to be closed on Dec 10 for renovations.

Unfortunately I didn't check that forum during the week prior to our departure, but it sure seems like the closure was planned at least some time in advance. The right thing for Hedo to have done would have been to advise all of their guests in advance of the closure during any part of their stay and then offer an appropriate discount so that they could make an informed decision whether to stay as planned, to rebook on different dates, or cancel altogether.

In comparison, the Desire Resorts have had renovations over the years, and when they did, that made it perfectly clear on their website what was being renovated and when, what would not be available for their guest to enjoy, and offered appropriate discounts to potential guests to book during the renovations.

All Hedo did for compensation was to provide a voucher for a complimentary one night stay anytime from Dec , ; a woefully inappropriate compensation offer. So in this case, they turned a bad management practice into a marketing tool to entice guests to book during a historically low occupancy period.

In this case, and to their credit, Right Connections tried, but was unable to get Hedo to improve their compensation offer. Bottom line: We will unlikely return to Hedo for two reasons; 1 the Desire resorts are overall better, and 2 we would rather spend our vacation dollars at resorts that truly appreciate their patrons and go the extra mile to provide the experiences expected and paid for.

It was my first time to "participate" in the nude scene, and I thought I would be nervous, but it was actually very comfortable almost immediately. This group does not have a niche and has just one agenda—to have fun! It is a shame to spend part of your vacation sick in bed! Alex G. Our members are … Continued Learn More

Donna hedonism

Donna hedonism

Donna hedonism

Donna hedonism. Spring Fling


Donna Summer, Queen of Disco, Dies at 63 - The New York Times

We just returned from a visit to Hedo 2 with a group and my wife is still recovering from an illness contracted there. Several people in our same group became ill either at the resort or as soon as they came home.

In our case my wife was sick with a sore throat and bad cough the last three days we were there and we hardly left the room.

Upon our return we took her to her Doctor who prescribed antibiotics and an inhalor to treat the illness. The symptons in our group were cough, sore throat and headache. We noticed the onset of these symptons following the resort wide outage of air conditioning early in the week. It is a shame to spend part of your vacation sick in bed! The new ownership has made some improvements but there are major issues with the physical plant at this resort that require immediate attention. All guests who were on property during that event have been offered compensation for the inconvenience.

As always the safety and well-being of our Guests is a paramount concern and no effort or expense is spared to ensure this. We appreciate your continued support and have no doubt as indicated by your Trip Advisor ID that you are a loyal and dedicated supporter of Hedonism II. Regards, Kevin Levee General Manager. My wife and I were at Hedo about 7 years ago, tried it, liked it but went other places over those 7 years.

We decided to give it another go and my only regret is that we didn't go back sooner. First, I want to say that the people at Hedo are what makes it special. We met great people from St. Louis, Houston, Long Island and other places. A special shout out to the two awesome couples from New Jersey and Massachusetts.

Food: I think the buffet has improved over the last 7 years in quality, variety and presentation. I recall a special server named Tanisha in the buffet area who always seemed to be around and extremely helpful. I didn't catch the omelet guys name but looked forward to seeing him at breakfast. We also ate at the specialty restaurants. Both were good. Drinks: They were always made strong the way I like them at any bar on the property.

Room: Ours was an ocean view in the block. That exception was at a time of day when most were getting ready for dinner and you'd expect there to be a run on hot water. The hot water magically appeared after dinner. Gift Shop: I think it's one of the better gift shops at a resort I've seen. Entertainment: Winston is the resort song, dance, comedian without trying guy who Hedo is extremely lucky to have. He's got a great team, too. Maybe it's perception but it seems these and all of the other employees put in a gazillion hours.

Resort occupancy: It was on the low side which I don't think took away from the experience. I'm not going to complain about always being able to get a chair or a drink quickly something that would not have been the case if the resort were full. We hung out on the nude side almost exclusively day and night.

It just felt right. Would we go back? Yep, already booked. Dear VacationJunky57, Thank you for the review. You are a big contributor to Tripadvisor.

Thank you for the kind words on our team members Tanisha, the omelet team with Austin and Jackie , Winston and the other great team members.

We are a young couple and this was our first time at Hedo II. Just as with any other resorts at the time of the peak of the season, there are issues, but it all about how the hosts handle them and make the guests feel at the very end and take the memories about their vacation back home. Donna Grant, the Hotel Manager is an amazing and extremely experienced professional who made all the guests feel like kings and we truly had a blast. She personally handled the issues we had and expressed true interest in us feeling well at the resort.

All other staff members were great and you can honestly see that they like where they work and to indulge the guests. Another person we recommend you ask for is Annett Gooden, who works at the front desk. My airline lost our luggage on the way from San Francisco to Hedo and I had a tiresome situation with the carrier. Annett went beyond the limits to try to solve the situation. Food was abundant and of a very high quality, landscaping is taken care of, the pools and beaches cleaned and manicured.

We loved our stay at Hedo II and it will be difficult to go anywhere else after this one trip. We are adding Hedo to our list of the venues to visit at least once a year.

I am delighted to read you enjoyed your first visit with us! On behalf of the entire Hedonism II Negril team, we greatly appreciate your kind words. We are glad that our Hotel Manager, Donna Grant, and our Front Desk Clerk, Annett Gooden, was able to make you experience so pleasant despite the hiccups with the airline and your luggage.

We also thank you for helping us to spread the word to other travelers about our renowned service and amenities, including our recent renovations. We look forward to serving you again! We have been going to Hedo 2 for 25 years. Have met life-long friends that we travel with throughout the year. That is about the only redeeming quality left at Hedo. Arrived on June 20th and the piano bar was closed Friday and Saturday for renovations. The entire resort rooms had no air conditioning from Monday afternoon until Wednesday morning.

Our particular room had poor AC for 6 of 7 days. Complained several times to front desk and Kevin site manager to no avail. Requested but denied a portable fan to keep air circulating in room. Never had hot water in shower and had to search for the luke warm "sweet spot" on the shower dial. Out of the four couples we traveled with to Hedo we have been there cumulatively over times.

Three of the four couples will not return. All guests on property during the outage were offered compensation for the inconvenience, if for some reason you did not receive yours please let me know, I can be contacted at kevinlevee hedonism. At Hedonism II we are fortunate to have a wide guest demographic and at times the likes and interests of our guests can vary significantly.

We make an effort to post on our website as much information as possible about the different groups; when they will be at the Resort, a description of their interests and contact information so that potential guest can decide if a particular week is suitable for them. Years ago before the Nude Pool, Jacuzzi and Grill were in place everyone came up to the main area for lunch.

The majority of our guests now stay on the Nude Beach during the day so we relocated our activities there. The Team Members have always been one of the main reasons why our guests return year after year. I understand that friendships form between Guests and Team Members and when for whatever reason one of them moves on there is a definite feeling of loss.

Your support and business is very important to us and I hope that we can find a way to keep you returning to Hedonism II, my contact information is above I look forward to talking to you. I visited this resort for the 2nd time. The first was about 15 years ago when it was a member of the SuperClubs chain.

It hasn't changed much since then, which is what most people like about it, I'm sure. Some of the rooms have been renovated, some still could use it, I hear. We stayed in an ocean front jacuzzi room on the nude side. It was a bit small, but the bar included Grey Goose vodka, Appleton rum, and a bottle of champagne, along with the expected Red Stripe beer and sodas; it was very handy to all of the activities going on there, but it wasn't so close as to be loud at all times of night.

Housekeeping was very attentive. The food is good, although it didn't blow me away, and there are only two a la carte restaurants--Italian and Japanese. The nude beach grill had excellent jerk chicken, however, and I ate it every day.

It was just too tempting not to just walk a few feet, get a plate, and take it back to the room or to our chairs right outside our room on the beach. I'm a veteran of all-inclusive resorts, and I prefer a little more luxury and upscale surroundings, and a little more culinary variety, but that's NOT why people come to Hedo! So, enough about the room and the food. The entertainment staff is great, and the entertainment was high quality and fun, with a sexual vibe all the time. It's hard to be there and not be turned on.

The theme nights were spottily participated in by the guests. There were about 9 different larger organized groups at the resort while we were there, and some of them got really into the dressing up; some even had their own variations on the theme. It was fun people watching, but the groups seemed somewhat cliquish at times.

It can kind of make you feel left out if you're not part of a group. We walked down the beach to Margaritaville, which is about 2. My feet were sandpapered on the bottom, but it's a nice walk. When the security guards for the other hotels ask you which hotel you are staying in, you get a knowing smile when you tell them. It's kind of funny. It was my first time to "participate" in the nude scene, and I thought I would be nervous, but it was actually very comfortable almost immediately.

No one is judging; everyone is just there to have fun.

Donna hedonism

Donna hedonism