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Ecommerce Software by Shopify. Keep your straps in check with this convenient strap keeper. Never be caught in a fashion disaster, get some Happy Straps! Holds bra straps in place, even during motion Attaches easily onto most bras Goes unnoticed under clothing Each package has a black, white, beige and clear strap to match your wardrobe. Similar items.

The slide on holders are open ended on one side of each, dare I call them, strap holders. Atraps page works best with JavaScript. Never be caught in a Braza happy straps disaster, get some Happy Straps! Write a Review. Prime members enjoy FREE Delivery on millions of eligible domestic and international items, in addition to exclusive access to movies, TV shows, and more.

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  • The Braza cleavage pal creates fullness and the ideal lift with its front lace up detail.
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  • If your straps are always sliding off your shoulders this Happy Strap is a quick fix problem solver that will keep you smiling all through the day.
  • Braza Bra Strap Galore includes 3 different adjustable clear straps to tackle any fashion faux pas.
  • Braza provides products that promise comfort, confidence and a carefree positive dressing experience for every woman.

Customer reviews. Braza Happy Straps. Write a review. See All Buying Options. Add to Wish List. This page works best with JavaScript. Disabling it will result in some disabled or missing features. You can still see all customer reviews for the product. Top positive review. This is better than the Maidenform version of this product, which requires that your bra have removable straps in order to get one end of this item on.

On this version, both ends have clips so that you can attach them to any bra. It works very well to keep the straps from sliding off my shoulders. I have no trouble getting it on since my usual way to put my bra on is to put it on backwards hooks in the front , slide it around, and put my arms through last. If you are the type who puts the bra with cups in front, you'll have to have someone else put this on for you or switch to the hooks-in-front method of getting into your bra.

I deducted a star because on the white strap that came in my order, the clip was sewn on backwards the slide-on part was stitched in, which is ridiculous making it unusable. I've attached a photo to demonstrate. The other three straps were fine, so hopefully this was an isolated issue. I considered exchanging the product, but it wasn't worth the hassle. Also, I sew, so I can fix it myself. In the photo, the clip on the right is correct. You just loop that end around your strap and clip it into itself.

The clip on the left was sewn on wrong, so if you loop it around, there's no way to slip it onto itself. I will have remove that clip and re-stitch it properly.

The other three straps were fine. Top critical review. Why it's Crappy Straps! The slide on holders are open ended on one side of each, dare I call them, strap holders. Well, they won't hold at all. Furthermore, they are thinner than most of my bra straps, so some width of the bra strap is outside the bracket and slides off with maddening ease. One of the reviewers said that these used to have snaps to secure it, which makes a lot more sense.

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Verified Purchase. I am very happy with this product. I have had issues with my bra straps slipping for years and finally got around to trying to find something to help the problem. I've tried all variations and Happy Straps are the best! The silicone cushions still gave me the feeling that I needed to pull my straps up after many years of doing this out of habit , the version that pulls the straps into an X is too uncomfortable for me- it makes my bra too tight; this was the only one that has made me forget the issue, which is exactly what I wanted!

One thing I noticed in the reviews were some complaints about the strap being hard to secure, and that previous snaps were better. The snaps might have been better, but I have found these to be perfectly easy to use. This is how I normally put my own bra on anyway. Next, secure one side of the Happy strap on one of your bra straps which are in front of you , and pull it snug. Then, do the other side in front of you and also pull it snug the happy strap is now across the straps by your chest.

If you don't pull them before trying to use it, they will spring off the strap. Now, just pull the bra around to face the correct way and pull it up like normal onto your shoulders and the Happy Strap will be attached in the back without any strange maneuvering. Then, when taking your bra off, do this backwards and take off one side of the Happy Strap and leave the other side attached.

From now on, all you need to do is attach it on one side before turning your bra around and putting it on your shoulders. If this is confusing, do it first without your bra on and see how it is supposed to go and undo one side for using. The only thing, then, that I can't do that I used to be able to is slip my bra off while still wearing a t-shirt. In that instance, you do need to try and undo the strap while it is still behind you, or have someone help you.

I personally think this is well worth the effort to not have to pull my bra straps up all the time! You'd think a person would know after 40 years that she has narrow shoulders, but I just found out. After years of thinking that I just didn't have the right bra, and that's why the straps kept falling down, I went for a professional fitting, and found out it was me that was the problem!

Since then, I had been rigging up ways to keep my straps from slipping, and was relieved when I saw these. These work like a charm, and come in a wide variety. When putting them on, hook your bra in front which I've been doing since I was 12 anyway It may move around when you're spinning your bra around, but it will not effect the efficacy, as opposed to when the strap is too low.

I am much more comfortable now, not waiting for the opportunity to reach into my shirt to pull up my strap! I was somewhat skeptical about these straps and I have to admit that it took me a few minutes to figure out how to attach them to my bra, even after looking at the picture on the package. I gave the clear strap to one of my co-workers to try out and she loves them too. The only drawback is that you have to keep it attached and put your bra on over your head and hook your bra from behind.

BUT, if it keeps my bra straps up all day long I will do anything!!!!!!! Braza has changed my entire work day. I used to be miserable, pulling up that one bra strap that always fell. There were entire brands of bra that I could not wear. I tried clips, and shoulder grips, and pins and you name it. This works and it's VERY comfortable and easy to use. I know some people struggled with getting the bra and strap on, but it's easy once you know how.

You do NOT need another person to help you though that's fine, too. Here' show to do it on your own: 1. Put the Braza straps on as indicated by the packaging. Be sure to put them below the length adjuster on your bra. Lean forward and clasp your bra 4. To adjust where the brass strap sits on your back, reach over your shoulder, using your bra strap as a guide.

Put your finger into the circle created by the Braza strap. Slide the Braza strap up or down as you like. This will take some practice. I got the hang of it in 5 minutes. I'm a big woman, and I can reach back far enough to adjust the strap easily. An added note: this strap is not designed to give you cleavage. It keeps your bra straps in place, and it does its job well. One person found this helpful. Absolutely love this product.

For me this is a bra saver. I purchase all my bras from Victoria secret and i was having a problem constantly with my left strap always falling off my shoulder. Just when i was on the verge of throwing off all my bras coz of the falling straps which is quite annoying and uncomfortable, my husband found this on Amazon.

Colors are very good covering major colors of bras. I ordered 2 packs of this product already. They are laundry safe too. Just one problem with this product, I cannot close this strap myself, I either have to tell my husband to hook my bra or have to wear it from the top. Wish there was an easier solution. I was so excited to try these.

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